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how do you even meet people???

how can i improve my social anxiety when i can't find anyone to talk to???

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maybe talk to people from here that have the same problem

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It kinda gets harder and harder to be social as time goes on. Last time I even had opportunities to meet ppl was in college and I never took advantage of it.

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I go to work, work from home. Have work "friends", I don't think there's a great answer. Online is probably a good place to start.
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Family, work, school or church is where most people find people to talk to. If you don't have those, it gets more complicated. Next on the list for most people is probably neighbors, but personally I think it's too risky to experiment with neighbors if you're not skilled at socializing (because there's no escaping them).

Since I don't have the traditional options I've relied on the internet, mainly Meetup groups. They're easy to join, easy to escape, and full of people. Not an option during the pandemic of course, and pretty inconvenient if you're rural.

There's also some apps out there for meeting people, but those are even more big-city-centric.

Another option would be volunteering, if you can find the nerve.

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an option open to you is a mental health club......these are places whenre mentally ill folk can go to particiopate in activities such as art creative writing group therapy and health managemment to name but a few.....or else you can just drop in for a a member of one and think its invaluable......having social anxiety would qualify you for membership and if not just say you have depression as well.....look in to it, i do know that with covid 19 that some clubs will have a restricted service but anyeawy look in to it.....ask your psychiatrist or doctor
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Discord all the way
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I don't know about in the real world but if you have a nice friend you could try voice chat. You just need that one good friend to help you to feel comfortable in talking with.

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I think overcoming social anxiety involves a certain amount of "homework." I understand it's difficult to meet new people in person due to the pandemic, but there are things that you can do on your own that will help you make friends when it's over. Stuff like learning a foreign language, watching/reading the most important movies/books of all time, reading forums or the news... All of these make you a more interesting person to talk to. If you find the right crowd, they'll be able to overlook any weirdness in your behavior if you know a lot about your hobbies and know what's happening in the world. I spent the better part of my twenties practically friendless, but I still learnt languages and posted on small political forums, where a lot of the users also happened to have pretty good taste in movies and music, so they introduced me to things I never would have found otherwise. It's all about being curious and open to new things outside your comfort zone and taking your hobbies one step further.
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Some people are lucky enough to make lasting friends from work.

I would say try Meetup groups if you can. Or play a sport.

Do you have hobbies? You can meet people via your hobbies.
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This has been my nightmare. I didn’t have any trouble meeting people if I really want to because I would just go sit at a bus stop. Strangers are easier than people I work with I will see you at school. Or church. I think church is impossible because there is a prescribed we are thinking and I don’t ever fit the prescription. “Being Lonely is not being alone it’s feeling like no one cares.” When someone can say they love you and in the same day say the thing they know is the cruelest and most frightening thing to you, I can’t feel cared about. Online is a lot of men or women aren’t looking for friends. Oh, I think it’s WeChat is a new app that is just for people looking to find friends. My social anxiety is so severe when I’m trying to leave the house to go to a counseling appointment the aversion is so strong I am frozen 10 feet from the door and I end up on the floor crying. What quality of friends could I be? I’m on on my dating sites and I don’t know why.
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I wish I knew. The problem is, if you have no friends and nobody you interact with, nobody will be interested in talking to you. Everybody already has their circle of people they "hang out" with and it's very hard for someone with no social skills to meet other people because inevitably you will be compared to them.
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I wonder how people have time to meet people. I work a lot lately and just want to stay home and relax. Although it would be nice to hang out with someone once in a while.

I talk to people at work a lot but it doesn't go further than that. Not sure I even really want to. Work sucks I'd rather leave everything there. And really, I don't think I can completely relax with people unless they are similar to me. Introverted, shy. Most other people although they may be nice, are way too exhausting to be around.
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