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Hiding from family friends or even family?

I tend to do this alot. I have no friends, but if my siblings friends are over...and if i'm going somewhere, to school, to the store, resturant etc. I usually wait until they leave to go to my car. I get anxious if i come in contact w/ anyone that knows who i am, name wise.

Am i the only one?

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I used to do that a lot when I was younger. Now, in my 30's I don't have to do it much because I'm pretty much on my own but at times I find myself still doing that so I avoid contact with people.
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just did something like this. I was out with the car and when i came home i saw my neighbours grandson's car. Me and him were good friends back in the day and i haven't seen him in 5 years. I pretty much ran inside the house lol.
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When I was living with my boyfriend, I either stayed in my bedroom all evening or stayed covered in blankets on the couch, and I did not talk to anyone, not even to say "hi". I slithered along the wall to the bathroom, or kitchen, with my blanket wrapped around me. Every weekend my boyfriend had several guy friends over to play games, and I just did not talk to anyone. I'm so much different now.
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I used to do this as well, as a child and teenager, and right through my 20s. My relationship with my older brother is quite strained now because of it (I used to stay in my bedroom when he brought his family round to visit at the family home, which obviously hurt him a lot, though I never considered others feelings at the time).

Although I would no longer hide from family members, it still feels quite awkward meeting them (though it doesn't happen too often) as I know, and they know, that I used to hide away from them, and I feel very embarrassed around them now.
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