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Heavy drinking social situations

Hey there.

I'm a person that has had social awkwardness and anxiety about being around people, my entire life, while things have gotten better, some things still make me tremendously nervous. I'm currently a member of a construction crew in which I enjoy the guys and my work.

We are currently set up in a hotel with two men in each room and I got stuck with one that likes to party and drink and I generally have nothing in common with him off the job. So social situations in the room are a bit awkward and I generally roll over to sleep even though I am wide awake, just to avoid conversation and awkwardness. They also like to have room parties in this hotel with heavy drinking, general stupid conversation, and smoking weed.

I'm just not a social drinker like that and I could care less about getting wasted and stoned while shouting at each other trivial conversations till 1:30 in the morning. Sure I stopped in for a couple of beers and I hit the bowl of weed a couple of times just to say whats up, but I generally go off on my own after about two hours. I did this once in the week we have been here and they are on their third 'room party in this week in which I made no appearance.

I just don't care about it....I hate it and rather have my own room and do my own thing while I am out of town. I feel like I should be in there right now just so they think I'm not weird, but perhaps I am?

Guess I am boring a prude or stuck-up?

I just hate drinking like that in a close-knit social situation.... talk about getting laid and what beer is best......just isn't my thing....I'm sorry, but I can't make myself do it....I absolutely could care less about any of it.

Currently I am sitting in my motel room by myself until my drunken room mate appears. I'm listening to them right now shouting and waiting for hotel employees to tell them to shut up. It's ridiculous and I just don't enjoy myself in those situations....not one bit.

So am I strange or stuck up if I don't like it? I'm also 40 years old and not 26....I like things more mellow these days....

Thanks for reading and this is a great forum I think I'll be staying at for a while.

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Hi eric!

First of all welcome to the forum!

Second, I don't think it is weird it all. It all depends on personal preferrences. You remind me of somebody. I have a friend who is just like that. And I respect him for it. And he was always like that even in his teens. He just hates being around people that are drinking and are getting drunk. (He's a big smoker though, haha.) Though the main reason is he doesn't drink, so I guess that is mainly why. I wouldn't want to hang out with people who drink and get drunk either if I had to stay sober. Drunk people are annoying when you are sober, haha. These days I dislike being drunk though. (I'm 32.)
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