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having people over

my sister in law is coming over and i'm nervous because i was home alone and they knocked and i didn't answer and they're going to see i'm nervous when they come and maybe they think i'm weird.

but i just don't know what move to make
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Are they intending to stay long? If they are and you would like them to leave sooner, you could causually suggest you need to go out to run some errands. They should take the hint and leave early.

When they come, take some deep breaths before greeting them at the door. Do that with a smile so they feel welcome. Invite them in to take a seat and while they get settled, excuse yourself to go to the kitchen to make them some drinks and finger food. I hope this helps...I have entertained only twice before. Each of the time, it was just one friend. What I did was take them to my room, chat some with them and then we went to the kitchen to look for some finger food. We then sit in the living room having the food and they left afterwards. But since you are entertaining your sister in law, I decided to modify the method of entertaining a little.
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I hate when people come over...especially unexpectedly. I'm a horrible hostess, so I have no advice to offer.
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Well usually what I do when I have people over is (now i only have friends over not family so keep that in mind lol) I invite them in, offer them a drink and food (usually ill make tacos, or nachos, or something like that or order pizza) then we either put on music and play games, or we'll watch a movie, or go swimming, or something that is fun and entertaining without my having to like do all the entertaining myself.
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It's not the end of the world. Just try to be nice.
I know it's not easy but try.

I just don't know..
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i dont like when people come over. i fake being happy that theyre there. i let my friends do what they want but they immediately find people with cooler things to do. so i dont even know why i bother.
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i told my husband i didn't want them to come, so i'm sure they hate me now.

but i just don't know what move to make
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I feel like I have to make sure they are having a good time.
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Originally Posted by moon37
I feel like I have to make sure they are having a good time.
omg - I know that feeling! I recently had two friendss spend the night at my house... they didn't spend the night together at the house, it was actualy two seperate nights... and omg - all we did was watch movies/tv when they got there. Then the next day, I'd wake up, go on the computer and listen to online radio (all the while feeling what am I going to do to entertain these people???). They would end up sleeping for an hour or two more than I would... and I'd just shower, write in my journal, watch tv,... and I felt horrible that I had absolutly nothing to do with them! I mean, I'm a Broadcast Journalism major = I should be able to jumpstart conversations with ppl! OMG!!!
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Good luck! I rarely have people over because I feel like it's an invasion of my home and private space. I always end up with more anxiety than the situation is worth, so I've almost completely stopped having guests.
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i also feel like i have to make sure my guest are having fun. It sucks feeling that way.
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