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I'm too cool to dance.

Or is it that I'm far, far too self-conscious to dance in public? Or is it that I'm too uncoordinated and run the risk of hurting myself or others?

No. I'm too cool.

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Shift Happens
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yes i have danced at weddings and night clubs. Most of the time i was intoxicated but mind you i had a great time nonetheless. At weddings i'm always up for a slow dance though lol.

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”
- Christopher Columbus
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I've never danced and I'd prefer to keep it that way.
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I've danced at night clubs, house parties and i've slow danced at the prom.
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If you've ever seen a new-born calf trying to stand up, that's what me dancing looks like.

One time, at a wedding, I was literally dragged onto the dance floor. I decided to just do the most ridiculous move I could think of right off the bat. That way I would look like I was ironically doing an impression of a bad dancer instead of actually trying. It helped alot. The group that i was dancing with laughed and it made the whole thing a lot less tense. I was also pretty lubricated from the open-bar.

Some day, I hope to get to the point where I don't mind looking completely ridiculous in public. Maybe even thrive on looking ridiculous, like Jack Black, or Bill O'Reilley. Until then, I doubt I'll ever work up the courage to dance without a beer close by.
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Originally Posted by aster View Post
homecoming... clubs... a wedding, whatever. have you ever danced? how was the experience?

i am way to self conscious about how i look, and whether my dancing looks stupid to other people. plus i feel like i just can't get in sync with the music and don't know how i'm supposed to move.
i've had to awkwardly dance at a homecoming before and also at a wedding, but i was really uncomfortable the whole time.


i also feel like club dancing is an excuse to grind up on people. and is kind of wierd to begin with.

but i can also kind of see how dancing could be fun...
when i was a teenager i used to take ecstacy and i loved dancing when i was on it

but apart from that ive never danced no. even when im drunk i dont dance and especially not sober. i even used to feel awkward and stupid dancing in my own house when nobody was around
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I actually love dancing, however i am only comfortable doing it after i've had a few drinks. A few years ago i never used to be able to dance and i used to always get comments off people over why i was just stood still and not dancing, but over time i've became more comfortable doing it, and now i really enjoy it.

I also think that if you look around at a club/party, you'll find that the majority of people aren't very good at dancing anyway!
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I can sometimes dance at clubs depending on if I like the music, like the crowd, am sufficiently drunk or on enough klonopin.

I can't dance in situations like school dances, weddings, things like that. I feel like there's way too much pressure on me and I know way too many people there.

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I think twice, in the 8th grade. I never went to a single dance in high school, and have never been to a club. I rarely even dance when I'm home alone.
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Only when I'm drunk. Not just buzzed or completely plastered but fairly drunk. I didn't care as much what people thought when I was drunk. I don't even know where to start when I'm sober. I'm always worried that I'm going to look stupid if I dance or that others are judging my performance. I'm severely afraid of being watched, laughed at or made fun of. Plus, I won't dance unless my friends are dancing. If their friends are around, I won't dance at all. I feel like such a loser for using alcohol as a way to make me more comfortable.
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Uhh!I miss dancing sooo much!I didn't like dancing with guys rubbing up behind me.I always had to stop them and tell them that I don't dance like that.I practiced alot behind closed doors.You got to pick what style,or music you like the most and get comfortable dancing by yourself and get good.I liked rave dancing because I could go into my own little world in my own little space and move my body in a flowing tunnel with turns and curves and meld yourself into the music and everything disapears and its just such a spiritual experience that you gave yourself,and your moving your body getting the exersize that your body needs to feel good.Sorry,I miss dancing.Like I was saying,Practice does make perfect.Just try different styles of music and find something that really makes you feel good and you've got to get to the point where you know your good.You will still be scared to get out there but once you realize that your as good as if not better than the other people dancing then you'll be having fun and feeling more confident.
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Sure have, and it's not pretty. (Picture Elaine Benis)
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lol, i totally just danced saturday! it was dark, and people can't recognize others, so i liked it... problem is, when i was dancing, i jumped up in the air and landed wrong... now theres something torn in my ankle... waiting to get the MRI results back any day now... lol, thats the price you dance like a crazy person :P
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I went to a dance with a guy once. He asked me to slow dance and I awkwardly put my hands on his shoulders (I was too nervous to think....) and he was like "What the hell?"

Yeah. One of the worst experiences ever.

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"Danced" at my sister's wedding. In quotes because I wouldn't have considered it to actually be dancing.

I only dance when I'm by myself and If I really like the song I'm listening to, or I'm extremely happy about something. No SA then...
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My biggest fear is being at a club or similar and being asked to dance. I would be quite excited to do proper dancing classes though but with a loved one or similar. I think it would help with confidence not to mention fitness and be a hell of a lot of fun.
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Unfortunately for everyone else in the world yes. It's fun though. esp. when drunk.

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.
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I don't dance anymore, but in middle school I literally went to every school dance. I even entered the costume contest at our halloween one with my friends. God I was so social in middle school. ):

sometimes even to live is an act of courage
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I dance at bars when I'm drunk and with a lot of people I know, its more like just jumping up and down waving my arms and yelling at people.
I always dance at concerts when I'm on the floor, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle, Rancid, The Hold Steady, some Yiddish band at the Yellow Door have all gotten me moving. My proudest moment was just ****ing getting down to Public Enemy last summer at the Jazzfest. I was so nervous because I had never been to a rap show and I just kinda went with the flow and everyone else kinda looked like a nerd and I said "**** it" and just danced the night away.
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