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i was bullied badly at high school, and then as an adult, the adult bullying left me friendless as teh bully was an associate of my social group,i was better off friendless than being bullied!
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My whole Life. All through elementary, middle, high school, college, in the working world, and even by friends. I'm quiet by nature so people think it's okay to just step all over me whenever they want.

"You're going to fail a lot. Sometimes you'll fail over and over again, but you have to keep trying every time. You can't give up just because there is a chance that you might fail." - Dante Basco
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always act confident, don't react to bullies
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yes. u u
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I really wouldn't call any treatment I've had "bullying". It bordered on bullying but that's it. I was called names and ridiculed sometimes in school but was never physically harassed or threatened that I can recall.

Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. ~Winston Churchill
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I have been Bullied by not only one person but a hole class
- i have been beaten multiple times not by one person but a group of people almost everyday
- have been sexualy harassed in front of my friends
- i got became afraid of going out not because of my anxiety but because the fear of being sexualy harrased because it happend to me a lot of times

I don't wounder why i got social anxiety , because its very clear to me why. But i believe in allah and he will save me.
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Yes, I was bullied in first grade because I wore cute little dresses, so I stopped and the girl that bullied me for it started wearing dresses too.
It was because she was jealous. I basically dimned my light for her in a way.

Then in middle school, I was bullied by two boys, a jealous girl and a tough Hispanic one who wanted to beat me up.

Then I transferred schools and I faced an even worse bully. She spread nasty and untrue rumors about me to the entire grade! I fell and hurt my head on a propane tank over Thanksgiving break and she was still awful towards me despite knowing that I almost died.

I remember that day, she made a scene to get in the empty desk that was in front of me and cause trouble. Stupidly, upon talking to her, I told her exactly what high school I was transferring to and she just kept whispering to her friends in front of me trying to play the sweet, innocent "I've changed now" thing.

I heard one of her friends, who at one point wanted to beat me up, say "Oh MY GOD, you are such a b*tch I LOVE it!"

I was there to take tests and was pulled out of school. I remember that I was overweight and everyone In my grade would like me in my belly and it hurt bad! Now, I wish I would have done something about it. A boy named cutter (we lived I the mountains and our school was quite hillbilly) ripped up a ticket that was a reward for good students in front of my face and in front of everyone saying that I didn't deserve it. I fought to get it back and the whole class just laughed at me.

That's all they would ever do. I tried to go to the counselor, but she was tight knit with the group of girls that had included the girl that spread rumors about me. If you are ever being bullied stand up for yourself or please get help.

I'm starting to move past that victim mentality and stop taking crap from people!

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Also, the girl who spread rumors about me and who I told that I was transferring to another school, moved there!!!

Thank God I was homeschooled, I never saw her anyway, but one thing's for sure don't EVER tell your bully your plans!!!

She basically made a whole bunch of friends and graduated thespian of the year. This bothers me so much because I used to go to that district when I was in middle school and knew most of the people there.

*Also I know that I typed liked me in the belly, I meant poked

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your dads girlfriend
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Yeah, pretty badly. A group of girls even made a fake Facebook pretending to be me posting nudes saying I’m emo and I like to cut myself for attention. A lot of people were cruel to me for no reason, I had never really talked to the girls that did that they just made fun of me. a few of them are on crack now.

Just one of the instances, but there are plenty more.

weve moved on now
but if Im honest
I am still
a little bit
in love
with all the ways
we were.
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Definitely, all of middle school and high school. For different reasons such as where I was from, my appearance at the tile ( I had long hair and wouldn’t wear the current in fad clothing such as baggy clothes and Jordan’s) and just because I was the quiet polite kid . Pretty sure this is where most of my SA build up.

How can you lose when you're doing you ?
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Yes I was bullied in highschool and now at work. I was made fun of from girls at high school
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Not really physically, rarely. Psychologically/emotionally, a lot in elementary school. Especially the kids who have the teacher in their back pocket. I was fine in high school, as there are more teachers and therefore, more chances to feel free from a teacher's/favorite kid situation.
High school was a lot more free. It was very quiet but I did fine. Then came work, and the bullying started all over again. I am good at home, although bored!
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Hi, I want to say as one bullied and made to feel different person to another, they have no right to treat you differently irrespective if how you look. What they think is their issue. You have the absolute right to feel included and safe in your environment and circle of people. No one has the or has ever had the right to treat you like that. It's people shoving their own **** onto us rather than dealing with it themselves and processing their own defective character :-)
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