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I feel like CBT could work for me if I really worked at it, but I've never put the effort in.

As for therapy... I can be very good at being engaging. It takes effort, but I can put on a "face" and be very chatty and even outgoing. But I care very much about how I am perceived, and so even in therapy, I have a hard time really being candid. I also can't get over the concern that the therapist is judging me and rolling her/his eyes secretly, that all the nods and encouragement are just the THERAPIST'S act and that the therapist really thinks I'm silly and absurd and pathetic.

So no, hasn't helped much.
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I'm not sure what you mean by therapy but I did see counselors. They were helpful. I will relate a bit of my experience and what helped me most and what didn't. To this day I remember the key principles that have stuck with me in life until this day. And that is what was mostly helpful. For example one of the most helpful principles my counselor told me regarding social anxiety and other forms of related anxiety was the simple analogy of physical fitness. And what struck me about that was the beauty and simplicity of the answer. She told me "Mental fitness is like physical fitness". It helped to direct me towards recovery. I also noticed what she told me in other areas of life such as body building and how the human body also had a natural principle of progressive overload (scientific terminology).

What was not helpful was when there was a counselor that seemed like they had their own problems at the moment or they were stressed, tired and wanted to rush home before the weekend. I guess they are human after all with their own issues. You can notice their moods which can sometimes affect the quality of your appointment. But with anything in life sometimes good things take time and so if you rely on a counselor it may take time for them to really know you really well. I spent some time with one main counselor. Mature and experienced. But I had one more that was very gentle and young and gave some intelligent points and key principles. They helped me think differently. Kind of like teachers. I was very depressed and had really low self esteem. Very negative and doubtful of any positive progress and recovery. But the interesting thing is that I didn't rely on a counselor alone. I did things too. When I started thinking differently things changed as well.
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My main diagnosis is depression. I've been to 5 or so therapists and the current one is the ONLY one that's KIND OF helping.

Now I talk to a virtual AI bot app on my phone and I also have a virtual therapist that I can text through an app.
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