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Has anyone else lost the will to live?

I found that when i was a child and stuff i would have all these dreams and ambitions. I also didn't have social anxiety back then. But now i don't even see a point. Like even if i one day become rich ill still be doing the same **** in my room that i do now, only the room will be bigger and the TV screen/laptop will be nicer. I've already experienced sex with a girl so doing it again would just be the same as it was before. I've already traveled to other countries and it was pretty boring and underwhelming. I've already experienced going to a party/the club etc. I'm not saying I've experienced everything in life but i feel like even if i did i would still not feel complete. In the end i would still be the same person, waking up, speaking, sleeping etc all the same.

I think its due to my social anxiety that i started developing from around the age of 9 (when i started having serious problems) but i just do not give a **** about anything anymore. Politics, sports, relationships, education they're all just like meh. I don't want to commit suicide due to my family and my Christianity but its just living is so monotonous and even things that people usually do for fun or which motivate them i just don't care about.

Does anyone else feel the same way i do? Did anyone lose their will to live and then get it back? I feel like Stan Marsh in that "You're Getting Old" episode from South Park like everything is just **** lol.
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Yes, I have been in a very dark place like that. For years. I was diagnosed with severe social anxiety, major depression and gender dysphoria. What you are talking about sounds like depression, but I am not a professional so take this with a grain of salt. My depression has gotten better as I have been doing CBT for my anxiety and working on my diet and fitness. I think it is possible to get your will to live back.
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I am in the same boat, I'm depressed, I am thinking of becoming a monk.
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Sorry to hear about what you are going through, just know that it wont be like this forever. Things can changem especially if you try your best to change them.
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I agree with sad. You ought to try to start exercising if you don't already - if you're depressed, it could really help a lot to exercise regularly and relieve some stress. Don't give up just yet
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Losing it
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