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Go to person

Do you have one?

I have a friend that I tell things to. Not everything.

Not that a lot of good things happen to me, but I'm hesitant in telling her when good things happen.

Our friendship is quite sad. We've been friends for 17 years, but we are not true friends.

I don't trust her with certain things.

And I have my mum. But I don't tell her a lot of personal things.
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I don't think I'm capable of trusting anyone enough. The only friends I have are a few people online, and I've told them about my SA and depression but not much else. I really hardly know them, even though we've been friends for like five years now. And I can't tell my parents much of anything; they're great at ignoring anything that doesn't jive with their happy little bubble, and they'd probably just tell me to go back to church which is the very last thing I need to hear.

Nobody really knows me at all. And I suppose that's the way I like it.

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I have one online friend I can tell anything to. I'd probably already be dead if I didn't have someone like that.

I have one friend IRL that I see a couple times a year I can tell a lot of things to, but I can't talk about my MH problems with them because it freaks them out.

What I really want is one person IRL I can actually go out and do things with so I wouldn't be so afraid to leave my house all the time.

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Use to be my sister and a few friends.

But my sister became distant and inconsistent with contacting me ever since she was married years ago.

My one friend also drift apart from me when she moved down state and I went very sparse contact with her for years. Last year she moved back to town for the time being, so we've been together again. But nowhere like we use to be. So I no longer confide too much with her aside from petty fake talk. Deep down, it's obvious she just sees me nothing more than a nuisance she regrets ever knowing.

Other friend has been very inconsistent as well. Got worse when her ADHD got bad over the recent years. She will go in cycle of vanishing for months to returning and being very socially needy with me for months. On/off. So I no longer really talk to her about much.

3rd friend is the only one I still talk to consistently. But I don't confide in her because she's kind of emotionally unstable as well. Usually just her venting and when I do, she just ignores me and talks over me. Once her venting is done, she splits. So it's mostly one sided.
So in all, I don't have that go-to person at all.

My mom however, is the opposite. She is the person I constantly have to assert massive amounts of energy to keep things from. My problems, my worries and stress. So it is quite of a hell.

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My wife. I know she'll always be there for me no matter what. (and vice-versa) There was just that one time a few years ago when she was very angry with me and wouldn't even talk to me - but she had good enough reason to be and even then she calmed down.

I used to have a best friend like that too. I pushed him away a number of years ago but we still sort of keep in touch but our lives have become far more complicated now. We were like brothers.
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No I don't have anyone like that. This forum is basically the closest thing I have to that and I can't really be open here either.

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I tried talking to my niece but she doesn't really understand. I can't talk with my mother about serious things either. Use to have one or two online friendships but they've also died out.
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