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Feel like a loser because I am on this site all day

I am on this website during all my free time. Is that sad?? I feel bad. Anyone else??
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I'm also on this site all day, but what else would I be doing? Sleeping? Masturbating?

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at least it's reading. that's what i tell myself

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Hahaha im in the same situation
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If I'm not on here im playing video games, and if I'm doing neither then I'm sleeping...

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id be more concerned about dat porn collection and wow play time
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Yeah. And all I do is click on new posts, browse through, then close it again. Like every couple of minutes obsessively. Not actually coming up with anything worthwhile from my empty head.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be doing anything else if I wasn't on here.

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Same here, i don't have much things to do so i spend a lot of time here.
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I wish I had all day to sit around! Nothing better than just chilling out!
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What happened to wow?
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I'm not on here all day but still feel like a loser :/

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yes it is sad, because there are so many better places you could be reading/learning and talking to people where mental illness isn't normalized, which isn't really helpful for improvement. the happier you are the less time you spend here, or well at least its the case for me and others i know.

once/if there is a way to mass delete posts i'll erase everything i can, because thousands of posts here, at what should have been a pit stop now and then is kind of shameful. not that it should be, just me personally.

i think what helps is realizing nothing on here really matters. its just a lot of spewing back and forth between interchangeable mylifesucks1causeimugly usernames and threads. what you post or do on here will have little to no bearing on your or anyone elses real life. after the initial finding and info. gathering its fairly useless aside from fostering people who dont really want to get better so hide away from reality.

i hope you succeed in spending less time here, gl
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