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Originally Posted by pariscommune View Post
Hi everyone. I'm really really desperate in finding a solution. This problem of mine has completely ruined my social life and my entire existence..

My face twitches after I smile for a while, and because I don't want people to see that, during social situations my face just FREEZES up and I can just FEEL my face starting to twitch if I started to smile. It also happens during situations where I know I HAVE to smile, like if someone makes a joke or when I'm being introduced to someone...I just get paralyzed by the fear of my face twitching and I just freeze up... I've conditioned myself, it seems, to associate smiling with a negative feeling and the twitching and the anxiety just gets worse and worse...can someone PLEASE let me know of a solution. I really really would appreciate it if someone could post a solution for this problem instead of just reposting the same problem over and over on this page. thanks guys..
Hey bud,

I too have recently discovered this about myself. I do enjoy some social anxiety time to time, really love it when my cheeks start dancin on me too.. I wish I could say it hasn't affected how much I smile but it has. One thing I've come across that helps with the twitchin' as well as my anxiety is flexin' and tightenin' up the abs. Sounds really simple and it is. This way I can re-avert my focus through flexing and releasing some of that dreadful pent up anxiety. If my anxiety increases I flex a little harder, and when my anxiety goes down, I release. Not only does it help me with anxiety and twitchin', but my stomach is stronger at the end of the day. Plus, it's good practice for the beach 😉. I've noticed that when my anxiety goes up, i'm barely breathing, if there's even a pulse. As soon as I focus on a long, full and consistent breath I immediately start feeling better.

To get over this anxiety we must first believe it's possible. Then, we must ask ourselves what we are afraid of most; The more honest the questions, the more we realize how irrational most of the answers are and the sooner we can change our old beliefs for healthier new ones. Hope this helps, much love to all

"Take a step back and inhale, we're never given anything in this world that we cannot handle. Be strong, be flexible, remember who you are and who loves you"

-Your friend
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Hi, I have the EXACT same problem with you as well. I avoid photos, talking with people face to face for any longer than 3 seconds, and i can not smile... people look at me and think im grumpy, when im not. So i do try fake laugh/smile a lot but i can feel my face start to twitch and i feel so depressed about it. A guy asked me to the school ball, and i find it difficult to say no, so i said yes. Its next week, and while others seem excited, all i feel is nervousness, worries, anxiousness, about talking with people, making sure my partner wont find me unfriendly or weird, and being able to NOT twitch when photo is taken. I hate my life rn, and because of other problem i have as well including this, i isolated myself from the few friends i used to have, and im currently just alone. Im really glad to know im not alone in this, it really helps. Sorry i personally still havent managed to find an solution to smile without twiching though.
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I do the same thing I realize. Not as much now. After many socializing occasions, I notice my face to be very stiff and tired. A lot of times with a slight headache. That is when I realize I clench my face up when I socialize. I have no idea why. Maybe it is because I am trying to smile. Or put on a subtle grin to look friendly, outgoing and sociable.
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