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Face turns red in random social experiences

Hey all,

I just joined because i'm getting fed up with my face turning red in random social situations. I didnt used to get it when i was younger, but after high school it started and its gotten bad, for instance in class when we have to do presentations that arent worth marks, but more effort marks, i sometimes find excuses to bail on the class to avoid the red face. i've become more aware of it, and i find if i'm outside it rarely happens, but when i'm in a setting like a restaurant or class, game on. I've also noticed that it happens randomly even when im with my family, and i feel it coming so i get up to go "pee" or grab something from the fridge. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this, and if they have any remedies that can help, medication is cool and all, but i want to conquer this without relying on meds, i've heard pointing it out to people and telling them its happeneing can help, but too much of a wussy to try it! lol any responses are much appreciated
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I used to have the same problem from 11 - 18 years old. The first time I noticed the problem was when a cute girl had to help me with my maths in grade six and my face began to burn bright red. Sometimes just sitting up at the front of the class I would suddenly get a hot flash where my face would glow bright red and make me feel extremely self consious and embarrassed. I went on herbal suppliments like 5-htp, magnesium, valerian root, st johns wort, vitamin b6, for a while and they helped but the problem went largely away by itself.

I find the name redrocket hilarious.

When you feel vulnerable and your psychological defenses are failing the best defense mechanism is to be more trusting.
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It happens to me every time I see my crush. In fact, I can feel my face becoming hot, to the point where I can feel my face burning. But considering the fact that I have a tanned skin tone, it's not recognizable. I guess it is a mild adrenaline kick. Every time you get tensed or are overcome with fear/anxiety in social situations, you might get an adrenaline kick. One of the symptoms is the flushed-face.

The adrenaline response is the in-built response, gifted by mother-nature, which was meant for physically threatening situations. The disadvantage is that it was never meant to handle psychological threats/attacks. In fact it works counter-productive in psychologically threatening situations.

This is where it is important to be cool, calm & relaxed in order to handle psychological threats/anxieties.

Just my two cents
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It happens to me, randomly and for no apparent reason. Makes me feel like a jackass.
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We have at least 2 red face topics on this page alone. Coincidence?

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i like potatoes
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That happens to me all the timeee!
Its reealllyyy awkward when im talking to a teacher or someone and people assume I have a crush on him or something. HATE IT!

Reflection in the mirrors her only friend.

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