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Ever feel like internet culture itself contributes to your anxiety?

Idk, just, with the rise of things like cringe compilations and the use of the word "autism" as an insult, it's becoming pretty obvious that the things I like and think are cool are considered really stupid and embarrassing by other people my age. (I'm 1 I haven't been getting out much at all, and for certain reasons I haven't been keeping in touch with my online friends either. So, I feel like it's kinda led to this warped perception of what people might think of me.
These days I've been feeling like people don't actually like listening to me being myself and talking about the things I care about, and are nodding and forcing a smile, just barely holding back from snapping and strangling me to death for being cringe. lol.
I have plenty of friends who are definitely okay with my interests, and I know there are thousands of other people like me, so I'm not really sure where this came from. My guess is that the social isolation and the fact that there are edgy dudebros running around every corner of the internet makes me feel like I'm being judged by the majority, and that I should feel embarrassed for myself.
Anybody else having this kind of problem? Ever feel like you're suddenly not welcome in what should be your safe space?

"Y'know, sometimes, a story's just a story. You try to read into every little thing, and find meaning in everything anyone says, you'll just drive yourself crazy. And then not only that, but... you'll likely end up believing something you shouldn't believe, thinking something you shouldn't think, or assuming something you shouldn't assume."
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Don't let other people stop you from sharing and enjoying you're interests. That being said, if someone doesn't seem receptive that might be a sign "to take 20 percent off" the top and find people who are. It's important to be around like minded people, and to give other people room to be themselves too.

When I was I young, I used to get obsessively interested things until I started realizing that other people started being less receptive to me, so I pulled a reverse uno and gradually started closeting myself inside myself until I pretty much lost my sense of personality and interest in other people. Not a healthy way to live by any means, and it's one of the reasons I'm so neuroticly quiet and disinterested in people that I can't even sustain basic, small-talk conversations anymore. That and other traumatizing factors in my life.

Expression (expression of interests, movies, games, music, art, literature, sports) is a necessary component of existence, it's just difficult, because not everyone will be receptive to it. I hate seeing other people's fire get put out like mine did.

Edit: in world religions class, I learned the word "heretic" essentially means "to choose." I think subcultures, whether on the internet or irl all have their "heretics." If your family likes sports and they look down on you for not participating in their sportish rituals (lol), you're the heretic in the room, the one who is different from the rest. If your dad and his dad and his dad's dad liked cars, and you don't you're the heretic of the familial line, the one who "chooses" if choose is the right word, to be different from the rest. No matter what culture you're apart of, it's always hard to be the one outside of the accepted norm.

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The Internet just lets me see what people are really thinking, and why they're thinking it. I don't think it's made my anxiety better or worse overall. I've never felt safe anywhere, so I have no safe spaces to feel unwelcome in. I've never felt welcome.

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The thing that gives me the most anxiety over the Internet, is how easily manipulated people are. People who let fear and hate guide them through life, tend to be the most easy to manipulate - and unfortunately on the Internet there is quite a large audience of people to manipulate and plenty of people who are willing to make a quick buck taking advantage of them.

As far as Internet culture is concerned, I don't follow it. I don't even know what it would be, I mostly just use the Internet to watch videos, listen to music, play games, and hang out here. I barely touch social media, so any form of culture built around that is almost alien to me now.

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I guess I'm a lot like @zonebox in that I don't get involved in internet culture - I'm just not interested enough. I use it for watching things I like on Youtube, I look at a few Facebook groups (mostly for bipolar disorder - and the people are pretty much always supportive), this forum, and for things to do with my books. Also some travel stuff like hotels etc.
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It intensifies my misanthropy lol. In general it does contribute to people's mental health issues though yeah, there seems to be evidence of that among younger generations and cyber bullying is a thing now too so.

I've seen teenagers do/say something stupid or are LGBT+ get harassed, told to kill themselves, threatened for several years by hundreds or thousands of people. Many of these people are 'adults' who then start whining about freedom of speech after someone criticises their bullying. I've not seen one of these people get their accounts closed down either lol (in spite of the bullying and often rampant misinformation/photoshops/lies I'm looking at you Blaire White. I'm pretty sure she could be sued for slander actually,) but they act like they're Stefan Molyneux or something and SuPeR EdGy.

Speaking of YouTube getting the fact that every social media site without fail is a cess pool out of the way, the amount of backstabbing, psychopathy and narcissism on that site lol. And a good chunk of the people are just very mentally ill in various ways both viewers and content creators.

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
Yet another man lost to irony poisoning, cynicism, hyper-self awareness and the inability to be sincere.

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I don't know what it could be, but social media's been getting on my nerves lately too. It feels like a big playground or high school all over again where people want to speak up, have voices heard only to be "well..actually" and whatever sarcastic laugh emoji you can throw at what someone says, which isn't exactly intelligent discourse, just an extremely lazy dismissal.

In which places do you normally express interests? I find that Facebook groups can be incredibly toxic. There are groups dedicated to internet-shaming and public lambasting that I'm like..hm. is this even a good waste of time. When self-expression is limited to a just few sentences and laugh reacts, it's not even a real conversation imo. Throw in the "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude and voila, you have social media.
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It sounds nice if you have places on the internet that can sometimes be a safe space. If you don't always feel welcome maybe you're just concerned about loosing those spaces? Like they're worth protecting.

I wish I participated enough to feel that way. I find it hard to keep up with internet things and I'm not sure why. It's not exactly anxiety, at least not like in person social anxiety, but some small part of me doesn't want to get involved. I guess it's just easier.
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Had to recently step back and take a break from SM because it was causing me anxiety. Well like someone else said, its working on my nerves. If its not people fighting about politics and people trying to police opinions, I feel like I have to constantly walk on egg shells, never knowing who's going to lose it on me for having my thoughts about something.

Its someone making annoying posts. There is that you're wrong I'm right, I'm morally superior than you attitude. I have people there who like me but we're not exactly having deep life conversations, I know secretly they won't miss me but I stick around for them. I'm very careful not to say anything someone might jump on and twist around to accuse me of somethin. I tell myself it will come out wrong and than feel anxious and miserable because I wanted to share it but couldn't.

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Personally, no, I can't detect an 'internet culture' as such, at all, and I'd say that's because I grew up in the '80s and '90s before there even was an internet. So, everything I read on the net; politics, opinions, views, information etc., the good, bad, the ugly, is just a reflection of every day culture. What people express on the internet is what a lot of people, at least, express in real life anyway. I actually find that interesting. The internet is like a window into peoples minds, just like talking to them would be. But obviously if the internet is causing people anxiety then, yes, it must be time to take some positive steps of some sort.
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I think Social Media (especially real-identity based ones) as a whole is spurning all kinds of emotional and mental issues for people. And the last 10 years, it's gotten to the point where it's pretty much mandatory in order to not risk meeting potential obstructions in life.

What goes up, will inevitably come back down. Whoever you have to step on when you go up, you will be at their mercy when you go down.

The truth is strictly what the ones in power perceives it to be.

Enjoy any good things, even the little and menial ones, as you will never know what impending distresses could descend upon you in a moment.
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If I'm feeling even remotely irritable/annoyed/manic I won't even look at most things. And that includes this forum. If I'm feeling like that everything annoys me - actually even the Tv. I've often wanted to smash it but I haven't so far which is good - would get a bit expensive having to replace it all the time.

There's so much crap online it's just amazing. But of course there's also plenty of good stuff so I try to just look at that.
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Honestly, it's kinda hard to find a community or a circle of friends. The internet is a "dangerous" place to browse because there is a lot of ads and deception and game and NSFW stuff so... these days, you got to be aware of what you're doing so not to go where they want you to go.
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