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Its not during normal interactions, its more when i see pretty girls in public. I tend to wonder if i look attractive to them or not.
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bully D
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Originally Posted by RelinquishedHell View Post
I also get really uncomfortable and anxious and act sort of strange in groups of people. Especially if it's a work meeting where we all have to speak. I would seriously rather die a million horrible deaths than do that sh*t.
Me too. Hate that.
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Socializing with myself
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People forgot their own thoughts around me. So they said that I'm inarticulate.

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The feeling that others are judging me and really want to be somewhere else or talking with someone else. I often cut the conversation short because I feel they want to get away from me.
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Kind of all of the above but stuttering is the central villain
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hating myself in how it relates to other people. I like myself when i'm alone, but i hate myself and how i am with/related to people

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Freezing up, not having anything to say, mind goes blank. Have odd mannerisms so people look at me confused and don't understand why I act strange.
Tend to say the wrong thing or cut conversations short. Then you add bad looks, being overweight and dressing bad, this makes people unfriendly.

Don't let people treat you like dirt.
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Awkward staring, not talking enough or saying the right things. Also not talking loud enough so people ask me to repeat it
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General fear of speaking, especially if more than one person is listening. Having nothing to talk about, no interesting stories to tell, etc, because I never do anything and haven't in close to 20 years. So coming across as boring. I think I have off-putting expressions and body language that make people uncomfortable, even though I don't mean to. I don't speak well and don't know how to respond to what someone is asking or telling me due to general abysmal social skills.

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Just being able to have a conversation. It is quite hard for me to start and carry one. I'm mostly a listener. Maybe it is because I do not know much. I know what I know. The usual causal talk.
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I guess the pressure that I need to "do" something - have a reaction or response of some sort. It's very, very forced and usually leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I also tend to betray who I really am in the process.

I gotta learn to be genuine and accept the fact that I don't need everyone to enjoy my company.

The world is not my home. I'm just passing through.
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Hard to say, because over the last months everything changed significantly and I don't really struggle anymore. I'd say that my main problems are talking over the phone and socialising in a large group.

With the former, I worry about not being able to catch what the other person says, I just get so many clues from body language. People sound different over the phone. I'm sure I'm imagining this, but when they answer, people often sound taken aback and I misinterpret it as them thinking my enquiry is weird/off in some way. Plus, phone conversations to people you know always start with "hey, how are you", and there's the awkwardness of ending the call. Ugh.

With the latter, I sometimes fail to 'tune in' to the dynamic of the group, and after a few tries just fall silent and 'switch off'. Turn-taking in a conversation becomes really hard, with people having to raise their voice and talk over someone else if they want to say something. I start to feel like I have to 'demand' attention (which everyone naturally gets in a 1-2-1 or a small group), it feels pointless, I give up.

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Not being articulate enough or when my mind goes blank frequently in conversation. I just stare into space or say 'um' over and over again when trying to find the right word and then sounding dumb when I cant. Also being sensitive to people's facial expressions and shutting down when I sense judgment . I can't stand even talking in groups because of this- I just notice everything and automatically feel alienated
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I don't usually have a problem in social interactions - I can talk just fine, with pretty much anybody. With me it's often just that I feel embarassed about my life situation to some extent - which is pretty silly really, nobody actually cares. They're all worried about their own lives. And when I think of all the things I've done and what I've been through I realise how ridiculous it is for me to even think about that nonsense.
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Blushing for no reason 😕

Thankfully medication has pretty much fixed this 🙂
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I really struggle with knowing when to jump in
Like i really don't want to interrupt people, so i feel like i have something to say and wait for a pause and the pause doesn't come and then the conversation moves on
So then i end up just standing there awkwardly
This also means that often, I'm so worried about interrupted that I'm not even really listening to what the other person is saying
I have gotten better in the past few years, but still a major struggle
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Permanently tired
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It used to be keeping eye contact and mumbling. I occasionally word salad because I have problems being articulate and just generally with not coming off awkward. There's always long silences with people I meet for the first time that I never know how to fill in and I'm too scared to follow up after having talked to them once (Like by greeting them), so I usually just give up on making conversation altogether and stop talking to them.

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Fear of speaking in front of a group of people (one to one is ok). Sometimes I have problems with thinking of things to say. I think the biggest problem right now is that my social skills have become rusty due to isolation, so I tend not to speak much at all and as a result people don't talk to me.
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Most of the time I don't actually enjoy talking to people. I force it a lot and I pretty much pretend to be interested in the person I'm talking to. It's taken me a while to realize it. I wanna appear friendly and nice but I don't enjoy talking at all.

Also, SA has made me grow more cynical of people so I'm less inclined to reach out or even listen to others. At this point I don't care about improving my SA, I mostly just care about me or my family.

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