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Does your family talk for you?

Mine sure does. Most of the time, I get kinda mad because I'm capable of answering someones question. Or they'll say Thank you for me or order something at the restaurant for me! I'm 20 years old!!!!

I can do it myself...

I guess it's because I take a while to answer people. I can't help it! I have to think before I talk. If I don't, I'll sound stupid!
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My friend ordered for me at a mexican restaurant last week, I guess she thought I was still anxious about ordering. I felt really stupid. I was also high, and I was like, "Now they're gonna think we're lesbians and that you ordered for me 'cause your the butch one!" Hahah whatever.

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Sometimes my friends did.
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my mom does all the time, i take like 3 seconds to answer someone question, my mom usually does before me, it pisses me off.

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yeah, my mom talks for me sometimes and it can be annoying... but if i really have something to say i will usually try to signal my mom to stop talking so i can speak.
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I used to love my Granny cause she did this for me. I can handle most situation where i know the outcome now. Like ordering food and such. But anytime some kind of conflict arises I need someone to handle it for me, because I just shut down.

Case in point, I recently desided to move out my apt, but I was to nervous to tell the landlord. So I just grabbed my clothes and left. My mom had to go get my furniture and I''m 26!!! How embarrassing.
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Sometimes. The worst thing I will do on occasion is look to my mum for her to answer (usually when I don't know what the answer is). It's embarrassing.
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They do it for me all the time. My family does pretty much everything for me actually. They make my doctor/dentist appointments, answer the phone for me, order at restaurants...pretty much anything that requires me to talk to people. I'm not annoyed at them for it though because I can't do those things for myself yet. God I sound so pathetic!

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my mum tlaks for me alot, and it f'n ****s me. sometimes shes not even right. like the other day, im trying to cut back, not stop completely, but cut back on my bread intake, and my uncle saw me eating some food you would normally eat with bread and asked what im doing and she says "he's not eating bread anymore" before i even had a chance to answer. so now i feel whenver im around him i cant eat bread, even though all i was trying to do was cut it back to like 1 or 2 slices a day. urgh. i know it sounds stupid but theres been alot of stuff like that its real annoying.

Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don't know why...I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.
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