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Does Social Anxiety Make You A Bad Dancer?

I've never been able to dance. I've always wanted to, but i'm always crazy self-concious when I dance. Even when I'm alone. I just feel like people are looking at me and laughing. I can't keep to a rhythm or beat. I cant even fathom what that is like. I just feel like everyone is laughing at me.

It sucks because some of my idols include Britney and MJ and I'd do anything to dance even an atom of what they do!

I just think being a good dancer and having social anxiety can not co-exist. What do you think? Is anyone here a good dancer?

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I never dance. I just don't really understand it.

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I can't dance, but it isn't social anxiety issue...

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Haha. No, lack of coordination and vertigo make me a bad dancer.

When I was in hs, I used to be the first person on the dance floor. I probably couldn't get up and dance in front of a bunch of people now, but my anxiety didn't really hit me until after hs.

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Yes, I'd say the two go hand in hand.

I can't believe I used to dance - at the discos about a million years ago. Probably a bit of alcohol involved though - and I seriously doubt it was considered "good" dancing.

Also, I think you should see this:

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I also have a clear memory of getting on a dance floor somewhere with my wife - and as soon as she saw me trying to dance she made me sit back down again.

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Nah lack of practice makes you a bad dancer, social anxiety makes you not wanna try so no practice, I once nearly tried but I was very drunk at the time & it was probably not pretty <a href="" border="0" alt="" title="" >:-)</a>

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Anxiety can make it hard to relax so that can stop you from dancing as good as you'd be able to if you were more relaxed. I'm not a good dancer like a pro or anything but it's easy to move to the best and rhythm, danced many times at clubs and parties.
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For the last weddings that I went to,I told myself that I wanted to have fun. I read that the more you dance big the more comfortable you feel. If it looks weird it comes off more as a joke than you trying to look cool. Moving my arms in big motions and dramatizing the dance moves made me feel more comfortable and allowed me to have more fun.
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It def can if anxiety takes you out of the moment/out of being present in your body and the music. If you're focused on others it can be difficult to also let loose and enjoy dancing which can make you stiff and out of step. But that doesn't mean you're necessarily a bad dancer. Ifyou can dance by yourself at home just fine, that means you're a good dancer who just freezes up in front of pple. Work on the anxiety and it'll get better. If you're a bad dancer at home by yourself, that can be worked on too. Nbd.

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Maybe you could go and have some dance lessons Op?
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I can't dance because I'm a honky.

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I have social anxiety and i love to dance, i think i'm pretty good at it.

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Every time I got pressured into dancing I'd feel weird about doing it, it just doesn't come naturally.
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Nope I love dancing. I do it a lot in private and sometimes in public when I listen to music.

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I was told once randomly that I look like a dancer. Idk if it would be possible for me to be any good at it but I would never attempt it around people because of SA anyway so...
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I like dancing and I go to concerts from time to time, but my dancing doesn't look like dancing. It looks more like getting shot in slow motion
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