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Does anyone want support with SA?

Wondering if anyone here wants support with their challenges with social anxiety.

I've overcome a lot in regards to social anxiety (over the last 10+ years), and would say in general that I have *beat* it. I'm also really interested in helping people improve their experience.

Just comment on the message and I'll respond, and comment.

Best, Andrew

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no thank you

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only if you can shrink yourself down and enter my brain and just turn the happiness way up to a lethal dose.

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hey id like help with my SA......trouble is i am quiet.....conversation i find difficult.....if i even manage 2 minutes of small talk, i then run out of conversation makes me avoid i dont want to go to my brothers wedding next year

as i said i find i am quiet and have little to talk can i keep a conversation going beyond 2 minutes
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Originally Posted by irishkarl View Post
how can i keep a conversation going beyond 2 minutes
In my experience I find that people expect me to voice my thoughts and opinions out loud. Some tend to find it standoffish if I always keep to myself. Could it be that you are filtering things out to the point that there's nothing left? Of course there are thoughts that SHOULD be filtered (it's rude to be disrespectful after all) but most of the time people just want to have a mental picture of who you are as a person that can only be obtained by expressing yourself.

Also, like what was said in another thread - the conversation has to end at some point. Depending on the situation you may NEED the conversation to end within 2 minutes. And if it's a large gathering you can politely transition from one small group to another as conversations die off or become too focused on a specialized topic.

I read that we have more than 10,000 thoughts a day. Some are worth tossing out and should never see the light of day . But what about the ones worth keeping?

It's easy to think that we're too different or that no one is interested in what we have to say but the truth is (in my experience) that our thoughts are like fingerprints at times - maybe no one expresses things the way you do and what you put forth put's a spin on the conversation and set's it in a new, deeper direction. Or not. Experimentation will let you know.

Some ideas for conversation:
"I'm not familiar with ___. Can you tell me more about it?"
"I think that... [insert opinion]"
"That reminds me of a time when..."

Also you'd be surprised at how a "how are you?" can start conversations with coworkers you've known for at least a week. From there you could talk about the workday, your concerns, afternoon activities etc. Before I teleworked, I had a coworker who was nice and would always ask that question and it always started a conversation (we even talked about video games which I didn't know they liked). It made me realize that if I wanted to, I could become the person who asks the question. I'm hesitant to do it at work now though since it has gotten a bit stressful and the environment may turn things into gossip or ranting (I walked in on some angry opinions about work in the break room once). But outside work/coworkers you're safe!

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