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Captainmycaptain 11-18-2020 02:59 PM

Does anyone here get reprimanded a lot at work?
Usually I'm given a hard time for doing things slowly. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I have trouble moving on unless the job is done very well. However, when I speed up, mistakes are brought up. I'm given a hard time almost over everything. When I make a mistake, it is brought up. It makes me so nervous about working. I took a job as a janitor which I start in a couple weeks but I'm worried that I will be criticized at work for being too slow or making mistakes. Can anyone relate?

truant 11-18-2020 04:54 PM

I used to get in trouble at work all the time for not getting everything done that was supposed to get done. I think that's mostly because I'm a perfectionist, but also because I never felt comfortable leaving a bunch of mistakes for other people to correct. It seemed more efficient, and less rude, for me to avoid making the mistakes in the first place.

But what happens with a person like me is that I end up spending a lot of time correcting other people's mistakes, as well as avoiding making my own mistakes, and the people who make lots of mistakes get praised for being fast/efficient workers and people like me get criticized for being too slow. My bosses always praised the quality of my work and then would tell me that I had to work faster. The people who were fast would get criticized for making too many mistakes. No one seemed to understand that the two are mutually exclusive.

You can either do something slowly and well, or you can do it quickly and imperfectly. So I think the onus is on the people running the company to decide how much imperfection is acceptable so that perfectionists know where they can cut corners. Because my employers expected everything to be perfect regardless of how unrealistic their demands were. Which meant that some people cut corners and made lots of mistakes and other people did things properly and were too slow. I worked there 13 years and never met anyone who was both fast and perfect.

either/or 11-18-2020 06:25 PM

No never. I'm usually the one griping that other people aren't pulling their weight. Because I always end up doing someone else's work or fixing something someone else F'd up.

Captainmycaptain 11-19-2020 12:32 PM

The thing is that I rarely if ever hear others being criticized. It would be one thing of it was normal for everyone, but it's only me.

jtd1974 11-21-2020 08:04 AM

I can relate to the perfectionist thing. I'm the same ... time seems to get away from me.

Like someone said, it's about finding the balance between being happy with your work and getting everything done in the time allowed.

After a while you usually get a feel for how fussy an employer is, and whether they value output over attention to detail. Then you can fit in with what's required.

Good luck!!

Hussle 11-21-2020 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by Captainmycaptain (Post 1094042447)
The thing is that I rarely if ever hear others being criticized. It would be one thing of it was normal for everyone, but it's only me.

the others probably think the same way. If you are getting criticized a lot, then you must make changes to make sure your doing your job effectively and will have to learn how to balance effectiveness and speed. You might have to leave your perfectionism at home on your own personal time.

Theres also such a thing as management being overly too critical as well meaning its counter productive and waste time micromanaging everything an employee does rather than jist letting them work and allow them to produce results instead of hindering them from producing results cause they are too busy being told by management about every little thing that probably isnt important in the long run.

Ive been in this situation as well and I tend to leave these type of jobs if I feel no matter what I do doesnt imprpve my working environment. I had one job where boss would always to be "logical" in all of his decisions and how we work to the point where I felt we spent way too much time trying to think of how to do things "logically" rather than actually completing work but I mostly just left cause he was a complete d-bag.

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Duplo 11-22-2020 12:19 PM

I used to at two jobs before. I carried on doing my job and minding my business.

There was a guy who deliberately called me a different name from my first name which I should have brought it to higher management.

valina 11-27-2020 12:37 PM

Yes, I feel like I do. I also hear other people being critisized sometimes. But I tend to stand out.

omofca 11-29-2020 06:49 PM

I got reprimanded in school a lot. No one else did. It was like an episode of twilight zone

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