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No, and that's why they never seem to understand my social problems. They act like I choose to live as a total hermit.
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My dad and brother are more on the shy spectrum. Although they don't have social anxiety. My mom and sister are on the extrovert spectrum. Especially my mom. I always wonder what my mom will be like if she does have social anxiety and is an introvert. Likely will be much less emotionally harsh and aggressive person.

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Originally Posted by illusion_of_happiness View Post
My mother does.
My mother does too. Maybe both of my parents do.
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Can't tell really... Idk...

I think not...

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I don't think so. My mother was an extrovert, and my father definitely an introvert but he had no problem interacting with people and by all accounts was a kind and friendly doctor with a good bedside manner. He did like to be alone and read and study to "recharge". He didn't care for family gatherings and the like, but he did enjoy political and academic discussions and arguments. I think he was just introverted by my understanding of the term...gathering emotional energy and replenishment by being alone...not by being in a crowd. Dad had a brother who I think may have had SA, but he was also an alcoholic and died in single vehicle accident. Mom had an uncle who never married, and a brother who is very quiet and reserved. I have a cousin who is in his 50s and never married.

I'm introverted and shy and have social anxiety. I feel my brother is too to a great extent. Lately, my anxiety is being very intrusive in my life. Things are piling up and I'm not doing things that I need to.

Anyway, I do think genetics may play a role in my SA.
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I think my mom has elements of it.

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Not sure. They are definitely socially awkward in conversations with random people and don't have much of a social life. They don't mind getting into arguments and drawing attention to themselves in public though.
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My father did. The whole rest of his side of the family is/was severe depression.

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