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Do you judge others?

When I'm driving, and another driver does something that pisses me off, but I quickly recognize that it's something I've done before, it completely changes my mood while I'm driving. I can easily forgive that person, because I can understand how he/she made that mistake. It changes my outlook for the rest of the trip, as I start to feel and display greater empathy and patience towards things that other drivers do. Obviously, they don't get much out of it, since I'm not in any great deal of communication with them, but I get something out of it: a much less frustrating drive.

This got me thinking about the fear the many sufferers of SA have, that others are constantly judging us harshly. So I'm wondering, do any of you have a tendency to judge others harshly, and if you do, do you think that you might experience a lessening of anxiety if you recognized your tendency to judge and forgave people their shortcomings, even if only in your own mind?
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Yes, others stinks! They kjust wal around pretending to be cool!
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Then, maybe try considering that their attempts at looking cool come from the same desire to succeed socially that almost all of us have, and try forgiving them for the superficialities they may indulge in their attempts. See if that helps your anxiety.

I'm not going to pretend this is a magic solution. I have no solutions. I just think it might be a worthwhile exercise, and it may even be a solution for someone.
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I try not to judge anybody without walking a mile in their shoes, so that when I do judge them, I'm a mile away...and I have new shoes.

They say it doesn't hurt.

-Carl McCunn
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When I had SA I was very self-centered and judged no one but myself, so not really.

I also want to point out that when I had SA it never occurred to me that some people were just jerks - I just blamed myself for every ridicule thrown my way and wished I was different (when I wasn't wishing I was dead, that is).

I think learning to not judge others so quickly is good, but I really doubt that by itself would lessen anyone's anxiety in social situations.

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