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I always suffer from pre work anxiety and now I'm close to losing my job

Hi Got a Job at Walmart about 3 months ago first real employment either then temp jobs. I have disabilities where I don't learn as quickly. My probation is up in 20 days but I already have two written ups due to my attendance because I called in due to my anxiety. Plus I left work an hour after I started. Like recently on christmas eve. I was scheduled to work 1-9 my usual shifts are 4-12 so I came into to work christmas eve was fine but I forget to take me medication for ADHD so If I don't take it I'm emotional so I was zoning a buggy in a department I didn't really know and I had a costumer freak out on me over a toothbrush so I got emotional and left work. My anxiety is usually bad not because I hate work its because I'm not fast as I should be When I'm opening boxes of product on the shelf I still don't know where everything goes. Like on friday I had to do three carts of HBA cosmetics shampoo etc. And it had to be done before my shift I was zoning all day and they gave me the hba stuff the last 3 hours of my shift. In one hour got barely anything done because the one brake pack took a long time. The manager was kinda getting a bit fed up so she sent a second person. Also when I gotten written up the manager asked me if I wanted to throw in the towel and maybe this job wasn't for me. I don't want to give up I want to not disappoint my friends and family everything I ever done I gave up on but my anxiety is even worse because I'm on the verge of being terminated on my probation and now I'm paranoid. If I do get terminated I'll be embarrassed because anyone can work a walmart job. If I can succeed at walmart I can't succeed anywhere. So now my anxiety is through the roof.
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99% of the time. There are days before my day off that i would feel like I can do it, but sparingly! It literally makes me unable to sleep sometimes. my attacks begins the days before my workday... I dont skip though, I only do when i' having physical sickness. I gotta work and earn a living an I grew up sucking it up so I guess that's why.. I totally refuse being dysfunctional just because of a psychological breakdown.
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Every morning when my alarm goes off I battle with myself whether to go to work or stay home especially on the days where there are work activities that will involve everyone gathering together like an office bday, holidays, etc. I think I've already used every excuse on the books on why I can't attend.
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I have a day off today and tomorrow and I'm already scared of going back to work!!! There's no life quality at all with this ****ty brain of mine. I wish I hadn't been born.
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only when not allowed any work

spending the future without anything to do
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I was always scared to go to work. Having to come in and say hi to everybody when you first come in. Having to be polite and engage new faces everyday. Drove me up a wall. I hope that anxiety lessens when I start working again.
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