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i have a pet peeve about getting to work early so i dont stress about being late or having to rush. so i have a half hour of stressing sitting in the parking lot waiting to walk in where ever my job is.

sometimes when i wake up i think today is going to be a bad day and i jinx myself.
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**** yea, that pre-work anxiety is God awful. I would dread walking into work everyday from anxiety, not so much the work itself. Just co-workers and bosses.
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YES. I get anxiety every single time I have to come to work. Along with SA, I also suffer from depression. Work takes so much out of me. It's not even the work itself that depletes my energy. It's having to put on a fake smile and interact with customers and co-workers when I would rather not be around them. The whole charade is so exhausting.
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Yes all the time, some days it's worse than others like when I have to do a certain shift where I'm in a supervisory role. I have 3 of those shifts coming up, I've tried to swap them but no one will and I can't do it, it makes me feel sick just thinking about it. I'm feeling like I can't breathe just reading this thread and thinking about work.

I would love to call in sick but I can't make that phone call and I've never been able to tell anyone when I'm really sick let alone when I just can't cope to go into work. I've been sick at work due to anxiety a few times in the last couple of months but I can't bring myself to tell anyone so I can go home and I've gotten too good at hiding the fact I feel like crap.

I know I will stress myself sick for an upcoming shift and I wish I could call in sick but I can't bring myself to do it so I will suffer great distress and anxiety. Maybe I'll pass out and then I can get out of it but then the embarrassment of passing out in front of people will probably give me a nervous breakdown.

Life is becoming more and more of a struggle due somewhat to my work anxiety. I hate it and I'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about work right now.
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Everytime, before & after classes..

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I used to be anxious in the morning while getting ready for work. Not so much anymore. It's been 5-6 y of same thing so your brain gets used to it. The monotony of doing same thing every morning and seeing same stuff while going to work is bigger than the anticipatory anxiety.
The anxiety while being at work is another thing and can still be pretty high sometimes.
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I do. Most days I wake up with the feeling that 'something terrible is going to happen today' like I'm going to fall over or someone will laugh at me on the way to work, or I'm going to have to make a scary phone call, or I will give someone the wrong advice on something and get fired, or my workload will suddenly triple and I won't be able to deal with it...
I find the best thing that helps me when I'm feeling like it is to get up and just carry on through my morning routine as normal (all the while worrying and telling myself I don't have to go in if I don't want to) and then before I know it I'm dressed and ready so then I think well I may as well go in now and just try to get through the day.
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I get anxiety before going anywhere. I get to the point sometimes I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown but I still go. Especially work but I have to go. I just think about the bills I have to pay. I don't ever want to get to the point where I can't come outside.
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Yes, everyday. I have it before, during, and after. Fortunately, I do not allow my anxiety to stop me. I have, however, allowed it to push me to perform better at work. I believe if you just get up and go to work, you will realize you can make it through each day. If it is really bad, you might want to contact your doctor and inquire about medication. Finally, if you analyze your worries, you will realize that they are the same thoughts and they have never came to fruition. I hope this helps.
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Yup, I definitely get that way before work, especially when I think about dealing with the commute (I rely on public transportation). The thought of being on the bus, or train with so many people makes me want to stay home. Putting on my sun shades beforehand helps me deal with it a tad bit better.

My thoughts create my world
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We all deserve something.
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Yep, I get anxiety every single morning when I wake up for work, I also get it before going to bed, even though I've been working there for a month now and you'd think I'd be use to it, but nope I still get anxiety over it every morning.
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Yes, a lot. I only ever called out twice because of it, including today. When I wake up feeling anxious or depressed I know that going to work will only make it much worse. I get anxious about going in and calling out because I know my boss will yell at me. It's in the pit of my stomach, and gets bad to the point I feel like I could vomit, sometimes I cry or my hands begin to shake.
Retail is not worth all of that on me.

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Not really, I learned to separate the professional me from the personal me. I feel like a robot at work tho, just doing the routine
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My anxiety is the WORST when I have to go to work. Like the night before I have anxiety. The morning of I have anxiety. on the way to work I feel like i'm almost going to have a panic attack. It's because I had my first panic attack while on the job. So I just feel like my panic has something to do with me working and me feeling like trapped like I can't just run outside when I want to, to try and calm myself down or something. The trapped feeling gives me so much anxiety. I refuse to work right now. I have a job interview in 2 days my first one in like 3 months since my last job. and I am scared to DEATH. I just keep trying to tell myself each day that I am not going to die on the job and that's all I need to know. Good luck to you. Hope it gets easier in time.
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I generally feel ill everyday as I go on the road to work. I used to feel anxious the day before but these days.. meh. It's probably worse early morning saturdays... since I arrive earlier and have to sit around waiting for the first damn phonecall at 8am... ughhh why do we have to phone anyone at that time in the morning...
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I've worked in my field for 22 years, but still get horrible anxiety every day before work. I wish I had chosen another profession. I am a medical professional, so I have to interact with patients, families, and other healthcare workers all day. I also work in the most heavily regulated setting in the US. Our company has strict productivity standards, so 90% of my day must be face to face treatment which is billable to the patient. Also, my diagnosis and treatment of the patient must be accurate or my patient will not get better. In some cases, if I do not provide the correct treatment, my patient could die. I would love to work in a job where no one was relying on me for their well being and for a company that was not intent on its owners staying rich.
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Yes, because my work place is very toxic. Lots of work place bullying going on. Rumors. Gossip. Backstabbing. It's awful. It's worse than high school ever thought about being. It's just a very negative and hostile work environment and I have difficulties being in the place.
However, on my shift there are so few staff that I don't have converge unless it's a dire emergency - and if I call in then everybody will hate you and you'll become the subject all of the toxicity until the new gossip comes up.
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I've skipped interviews or class because of how bad my anxiety is. lol
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yeah would normally get pretty bad anxiety before work but not anymore! I know that i was stuck in a pattern that gave me anxiety so i managed to change that and now I'm fine

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I can fully relate to this. I have been studying for over 3 years now and have only ever had one job and even though I was doing good at my job I still felt so anxious and dreaded going to work everyday, I'd pull a sicky just so I didn't have to go. I feel as though I've trapped myself, I have social anxiety yet I have chosen the career of a nurse :/ now I have a job interview in 2 days and am feeling very anxious. I feel so afraid I'm going to have a bad interview but if it goes well and I get the job I'm afraid to work, I feel I won't be confident and will mess everything up, plus as a nurse I'd be dealing with people everyday, their health will be in my hands. I'm just not sure I can do it. :/
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