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Sometimes, especially if I know I've not been doing so well at work or not meeting my quotas. I used to get anxiety going to work all the time once I first started, but now that I've been around for three months I've gotten a bit more used to it.

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Yes, but I'd be worse off unemployed. My employees are just the worst and very confrontational. I'm trying to transfer to another unit.
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Yes. I get anxiety before I go anywhere in public.
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I often get bad BDD attacks before going to work, which are cause for a lot of stress and anxiety, and occasionally complete meltdowns where I have to give up even trying to go to work, and just go back to bed in defeat.

It's rare for me to make it to work on time - most mornings are just a horrible mixture of stress and anxiety trying to get out the door, and then even more stress trying to make a mad dash to work in rush hour traffic knowing I'm already ridiculously late, so even before I make it in to the office I'm so worn out by the efforts to get there that I get there emotionally exhausted and grumpy, just wanting to get the next 8.5 hours of pure hell out of the way so I can get the hell out of there and go home and hide again.

I've recently developed a rash on my chest that I can only put down to the high stress that trying to get to work puts me through on a daily basis - I'm really not sure how much longer I can keep it up.
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Every single day! I work full time so I basically have this anxiety constantly at the thought of going to work, the things I did to screw up at work, the thoughts my coworkers have of me, having to deal with my extremely extroverted and obnoxious boss, etc. I worry before I leave about the day ahead and then come home and ruminate about all of the "stupid" things I said, how I didn't take enough initiative, if I'm going to get fired...etc. My coworkers are ok but they're all extroverted people who love hanging out together after work and I just can't do that and I therefore isolate myself. I work in a centre for children with Autism and always have to work with not only the kids, but my coworkers as well. I never have a chance to escape to a quiet office or even my own cubicle.

My anxiety would be so much less if I could just work alone and actually have the time to sit quietly and make sure my work is done properly.
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My stomach is swirling the night before, I can barely sleep, and then I'm a mess in the morning. Repeat cycle.
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I have a lot of anxiety before work most of the time... Sometimes it's barely there and sometimes it overwhelms me. It kind of depends on the day. I hate it. I hate it even more because since I've worked there for over a month now I feel I should be over it.
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This happened to me today and I feel really ashamed of myself.

I started a new job yesterday and this morning I woke up really early and the awful stomach swirly, cold sweaty, brain melting anxiety started. I even get so bad sometimes that I make myself physically ill - that's what happened today.

Needless to say, I lost the job and I feel really stupid about it now. But that feeling! It's so horrible. Gah, just needed to get this out.
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I get anxiety before going to school.
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Now that I work for more a year there, no. As long as I have a routine I'm fine.
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Always, but once I get there I'm usually fine.

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If I had a job I would.

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and don't pet the sweaty things."
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I get anxiety before and during work just about every time. I work in fast food. When it is really busy I don't mind working so much, but when I have to come in late when it is slow - it's a nightmare. When it is not busy, people tend to get more lazy and chat and horse around more and I'm not so social. I never have anything to say to my co-workers, it's not that I dislike them, because I don't, i just feel really awkward and end up stand or cleaning like a weird bump on a log. My co-workers even ask me why I'm so quiet and never say anything.
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Yes, I got anxiety almost everyday before work but the thought of calling in or having to explain why I was absent was more terrifying than just going in... so I ended up being a model employee, albeit a quiet one
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Yes, especially on Mondays. I typically get to work 45-60 min early and park in a nearby church parking lot to get "centered" before work. I also take my medicine at that time and then I'm ready to take on the day!
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...I never want to go to work, my boss is a backstabbing lieing *******, but I need the money so...
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I don't work. I can't. I am on disability for depression, anxiety, and social anxiety disorder. I just can't deal with the people at jobs. I am not a people person. Never have been, never will be, and don't want to be.
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Yeah every day i think

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Wow! I'm not alone. I get anxiety before going to work and u usually end up being an hour late. I'm the boss too! Who does that. The executive director might fire me one day and my employees don't take me too seriously. I'm in therapy and trying to make a turn around quick because I'm getting older and use to have goals. Hang in there, I know how it is.
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Well i quit my job recently as a special event caterer, it drove me absolutely mad in the end. I was there for about 2-3 months. I never ever thought i would do this but i am thinking of doing some volunteer work. I want to see how i perform when the work values are different. Actually contributing and working in a place that resembles these new communties i love, rather then what feels like a dictatorship.

The fact is, you can only get along if you get along. Most people i work with seem extremely limited in there range of thinking. They think about work,other people, make meaningless comments out of thin air..i just can't communicate with them. I absolutely dispise repetitive work too or where i have to fake smiles while im scared...when you aren't working towards something meaningful for yourself, its soul destroying, it generates anxiety. I don't want to make that mistake again.
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