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Socializing with myself
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I receive pure isolation from people through language and social interaction 24/7. Where the people itself prevents me from getting a career and a stable living condition. When the result of effort comes from me desperately. The people are more effective in convincing me that I'm preventing myself from doing task that adults would commonly do. Human communication is an important feature for socializing, and without the interpretation of language people can be muted from making a living. I've learned that someone finds my language intelligent than humanity language. So they've made sure to remove the context from people thinking of me during the first time of how I spoke about my own mental concepts.

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I feel isolated all the time, especially at night. I've lived like this for 12 years, from high school to college. I have no one to talk, I feel like I'm losing my language. I'm very insecure and I can't face to anyone I know who especially becomes successful, I started getting hide away from people. Now I don't know how can I keep existing in this society. Every single day this happens over and over again in my mind. I think I will have some mental disease some day when I have negative thoughts and feelings too long, it breaks nerves and function of brain that difficult to heal. Like Alzheimer. Oh dear god 😞
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Originally Posted by truant View Post
Yes, because I've never known anyone like myself and always been a weird, incomprehensible alien to everyone else. I don't find solitude pleasant; I find it crushing and depressing. I was happiest when I had friends and living with other people and always had someone to talk to. I hate being alone. That's why I keep coming back here. Because if I don't have any contact at all, I go completely ****ing crazy.
I can't really say I'm isolated because I'm married but since I've been retired I've reverted back to my isolated self. My wife still works so I spend 10 hours each day in solitude. I view isolation (as it relates to me personally) as a form of giving up and as soul-crushing. I'm exploring ACT right now as perhaps a means to challenge it and I would dearly love to either work part time or volunteer but I don't want to settle for anything like my job of over 30 years which served mainly as a hiding place. Not complaining. With my issues I was probably fortunate to have been able to work for so long. WRT isolation, I'm not very effective on my own. I need people so I'm hoping I can get out more and become engaged. gotta keep the goal in mind, develop tunnel vision to a certain extent. it's hard, and it's not for everyone.

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I've been isolated since 16.

I haven't had any friends since 2010.

31 now and alone in the world except for my parents.
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