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Do any of you waitress or bartend?

I used to work as a hostess in high school, and I think I want to get a part-time bartending or waitressing job. I guess my SA is pretty mild and has improved a lot over the years. I haven't been on here in a while, but I was wondering if this is totally out of the question for most people who post here? Has anyone worked either of these jobs, or do most people on here have jobs that don't require much interaction? Could you imagine or would you want to work one of these jobs, or is the idea daunting?
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Re: Do any of you waitress or bartend?

I've actually recently been thinking that I would want a job as a waitress. For some reason I think it would really help with my SA by interacting with so many different people on a daily basis. Unfortunately, right now my anxiety is so bad I can't seem to go apply anywhere for a job.

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Re: Do any of you waitress or bartend?

I bartend for myself.
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Re: Do any of you waitress or bartend?

I used to wait tables and greeting customers was awkward. I think a lot of them assumed I was having a bad day and tipped me better than they normally would. Had one guy who came out and said as much.

Don't know if I could do it again, but it definitely could provide improvement with social skills.
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Re: Do any of you waitress or bartend?

I used to work at a restaurant greeting, taking drink orders and bussing tables. At first I was very awkward and anxious but after a couple of weeks it just became routine and automatic. I was surprised a few times when tables would actually go out of their way to tip me separate from the server. I prefer jobs that don't require contact with customers though.
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Re: Do any of you waitress or bartend?

Yes, surprisingly enough I was a waitress for a little over half a year. It had its ups and downs. Like others have said, the greeting part was always a little awkward. Although, I too found the constant interaction slightly improved my normalcy with people. It kind of forced me to converse with customers. There wasn't really the option of hiding in my bedroom, so to speak, without the repercussions.

The only downside would probably be when the restaurant was full, the wait staff was sparse, and I had several tables at a time. Anxiety like no other. Then retrospect, the place where I worked sucked. You should definitely go for it, though. You said your SA has improved...why not give the waitress/bartending thing a shot?
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