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Originally Posted by huntersthom View Post
Last 2 people to hit on me were; an autistic girl and a gay dude. Both great people- neither one sparked my interest, but they sure did make my week.

Maybe if you put your Clint Eastwood face on before they hit on you, you wouldn't have this problem.
Good idea, bro.
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How come you were so paranoid ?
Originally Posted by bookworm7 View Post
I'm a teacher and I had one of my teenage students write me a love letter a long time ago. It made me really angry, sad, and nervous all at the same time because I'm married. I felt like it was my fault somehow and then I became paranoid about interacting with my students. (I felt a little flattered but mostly angry, sad, guilty, etc., etc.). Plus it was awkward to see him every day after that. lol. Good thing I can laugh about it now (or can I? sometimes I just don't know...)
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well I think they are either joking about it or making fun of me! I don't believe or trust anyone -.-
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I don't get angry, just very nervous. I think I've only been hit on once in my life, but sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm being hit on or if the girl is just being friendly.
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I get really quiet and barely say anything. And then I shrink away and just keep nodding and pretending that I don't really care.
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Ha. If someone hit on me I'd probably be so scared ****less that I'd run home.

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Later on I'm secretly flattered. But during the actual event I panic like a mofo. The last time, I was approached by an uber cute geeky girl (just my type!) and I fluffed up badly. I found myself so nervous and awkward I just excused myself saying I had somewhere to go. fml lol.

slow progress is still progress.
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Yeah, I get the feeling that guys that hit on me are just pulling my leg. I am never flattered.
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I can't even muster up the courage to hit on someone else. Best I can do is try to start a conversation. Try because I freeze up instantly. I'm sure I have had girls flirting at me before, but one time the girl was on hey way to being smashed and taken, and the other time I didn't know what was happening until hours later. Wish I had aspergers instead of AvPD
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If somebody ever hit on me i'd probably pass out in shock lol
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