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Describe the emotions you feel while dreaming

When I dream I wouldn't say it are nightmares but I seem to have a subconscious habit of belittling myself in dreams. I end up in a situation that is not favorable for me, almost clownish with people laughing hysterically or pointing their fingers at me. They often start out fine and promising but always end on a negative note.
The feelings I have while awake are just repeated in a fantastical world when I dream. Negativity and pessimism regarding my self are ingrained into my system. I wonder if it can be reversed over time.
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Confusion, anxiety and fear. Those are pretty much the only three I feel in dreams. That differs a lot from my waking life, where I'm normally calm and collected.

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I mean, it depends on the dream. I don't make an effort to remember many of them, though I've been meaning to get back into lucid dreaming. From when I could recall dreams, some were directly related to my irl fears and thus dread-inducing, others were violent and morbid with me as a passive spectator, some were video games that my mind made up, and only very few were nightmares where I was directly feeling threatened. I've also had dreams where I felt more serene than I ever did in my waking life, dreams where I felt more attached to a dream character than I ever have for anyone while awake, and lucid dreams that were unlike anything else I've experienced.
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I rarely remember my dreams. When I do, they can be quite dark.
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Same as in reality, only somewhat less anxious when around strangers or groups of people, since that's something that seems to occur frequently in my dreams whereas IRL I don't have much opportunity for it to happen. In my dreams I still do have social anxiety but I interact with others a bit more freely, so, there's that.

Aside from that, though, my emotions are very close to reality. Often when I wake up, especially lately, it's incredibly jarring and I feel like I just got yanked out of another, not necessarily more pleasant but more "lifelike" reality, into a dull miserable muted reality, and I feel glum and saddened to be "back." Maybe this is also partly because dreams are like my only chance for any social interaction nowadays. :/

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Originally Posted by QuestForFire View Post
When I dream I wouldn't say it are nightmares but I seem to have a subconscious habit of belittling myself in dreams. I end up in a situation that is not favorable for me, almost clownish with people laughing hysterically or pointing their fingers at me. They often start out fine and promising but always end on a negative note.
The feelings I have while awake are just repeated in a fantastical world when I dream. Negativity and pessimism regarding my self are ingrained into my system. I wonder if it can be reversed over time.
I agree with the BIB. I'm of the opinion that dreams are just 3d versions of a person's current emotional state, with the caveat that when we sleep we lose all inhibition. So, while we're awake, we may consciously avoid entertaining certain kinds of thoughts or feelings by making an effort to maintain a certain mindset or "be logical", but when we're asleep that inhibition stops. So we confront how we actually feel when we're dreaming which may differ from what we consciously experience while we're awake. But then we respond to our dreams, too, while we're having them, so our emotions change and the dream changes with them, which is why dreams may get better or worse.

Anyway, my dreams tend to fall into a couple categories:

1. nightmares, where I'm being chased/hunted by something that wants to destroy me (ghosts, possessed objects, cannibals, serial killers, Nazis, giants, bears, zombies, aliens, etc.), or I have some kind of weird and horrifying disease (body parts rotting and falling off, or sprouting strange growths, etc.), or the world is ending in some cataclysmic way (tornadoes, floods, etc.);
2. stressful anxiety dreams, where I'm back at my old job and everything that can go wrong is going wrong and everyone is mad at me and I'm going to lose my job; and
3. weird/random wandering around lost dreams (most of the environments are decaying or threatening in some way); sometimes my wandering around dreams include "animal running" (where I'm running around on all fours like a dog or something)

I generally remember 1-3 dreams a night when I can be arsed to and most of them fall into one of the above categories (I have literally hundreds of nightmares written down in my dream log). It's pretty rare for me to have positive dreams. I get maybe a couple a year that make me feel good. On the whole, my dream life is pretty relentlessly terrifying and horrific, far worse than anything I've ever experienced IRL and worse than most horror movies (because, obv, they feel like they're really happening). I honestly think my PTSD comes from my nightmares, not from things that have actually happened to me IRL, but I can't seem to sell this idea to anyone else, lol.

I think, if you want nice dreams, you have to have at least some hope for the future and not be in negative emotional states all the time. Dreams are definitely not, ime, any kind of escape from reality. They just turn whatever you're already feeling into complete sensory experiences. My dreams very rarely ever reflect anything that is actually happening in my life except on an emotional level.

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I don't really recall too much from my dreams but I think my dreams tend to be more like movies and I'm feeling pretty much the same things I'd feel watching the same things happen in a movie. I am not often aware of myself or a participant in my dreams. More of an observer.
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I don't remember most of my dreams. They do tend to be surreal/weird, sometimes horror focussed, some are pretty visually interesting. The thing is when they are horror focussed or scary something weird will happen or it will be slightly funny. Like one time I was shot dead and then I came back as a zombie and started chewing up the person who shot me lol, another time there was this being whose brain and other parts of it's face were exposed I don't remember entirely and it was freaking me out a lot so the dream world just created a bone face mask.

I've had some some dreams that reference topics that bother me or are symbolic of certain things. I tend to cockblock myself in dreams. But I'm also a better person in some dreams though like saving people etc. One time I asked David Bowie (lots of famous people cameo in my dreams,) who was working as a receptionist to resurrect someone from the dead but he couldn't so I just did it myself. I don't think I ever really have social anxiety in dreams but can't remember. I've also managed to have a couple of lucid dreams before though which I think is atypical.

I wrote down a few in the dream thread so here's the zombie one:

someone who was part of a group I was in or a party I was at? Details are blurry got trapped behind a secret temple door at the back of this supermarket. He was dressed in a skin tight superhero kind of suit.

I convinced someone else to help me save him, only one person didn't want to give up on him I think but they couldn't in the end when we got to the back of the supermarket because they didn't have membership to explore the temple or something weird like that lol.

So I ended up having to go alone and in the end I ended up having to save different people.

At one point I got shot in the head trying to distract this guy from this girl and then came back as a zombie to attack him very graphically think I chewed on his innards a bit too. Then I was outside walked past one of these two people I know are from YouTube though I don't watch their channel and someone else complaining about gender identity labels while being recorded for the news.

Then this vaguely started over and I headed back into the temple sliding down this slope while avoiding hitting certain things on some instructions I found and at the bottom was this weird eye and just really hard to describe abstract alien-like monster room.

The monster tried to get me to go through a nightmare trial so I ran back up and locked the gate while it was chasing me. To my right was another barred entrance and to my left was a stairwell. He laughed and said 'you can't go down you can only go up (to escape'.)

I tried heading down the stairwell and found three girls but at this point I guess I'd decided I was saving four girls but was missing one and I didn't know why. I hugged one of them because I seemed to recognise them and then realised we would have to escape through the route above (even though it was just a public swimming pool for some reason.) So I would have to face the nightmare monster to unlock the gates. Then I woke up.
If you read it you might think this is bad, but I actually enjoyed the dream overall tbh.

This is a more recent dream I had:

I don't remember all the details now as usual, which is a shame because I think it was pretty detailed and interesting. Part of it was set in some kind of medieval world sort of inspired by Runescape. Some kind of vampire group (again loosely inspired by the Vyrewatch) had taken over this kingdom, and when people died some of them would turn into them. At one point I had to run across this bridge quickly to escape being captured and I was some kind of revolutionary but yeah I've forgotten most of what happened now.
One time I had a dream about a guy I find attractive cutting his hair and I got really upset in the dream lol. I had a similar dream more recently about a made up person and getting upset but then I altered some things later on but it still didn't work out but again there was something ridiculous happening at the end:

I was at this beach side town and some kind of event (can't remember what now) was going lots of people around, and there was a large Ferris wheel thing. At some point I went into this fish and chip shop and stood around waiting to order. Kind of wish I could remember this part more I think many things happened.

Later (this skips some bits but I'm not great at remembering dreams as mentioned.) I was watching TV (only it was more like being online,) and this guy he'd posted this image of himself with like four photos and saying that he was a virgin at the time all these photos were taken but not the last one.

And I was like 'WHAT THE **** YOU WERE A VIRGIN WHEN THE THIRD PHOTO WAS TAKEN BUT YOU'RE SO HOT' because he was slim and had long black hair and was basically a hot goth.


Then a bit later I have some kind of false awakening where I'm explaining this dream.

Only I didn't wake up and then at some point he was back and explaining that nobody liked him before and he met some guy in a park and changed his outlook (maybe he also joined the army but that's kind of vague in my memory.) Then he was successful with women. And then I guess because of the false awakening thing maybe it was semi lucid now it wasn't entirely because I don't think I knew I was dreaming, but I seemed to have more control. So after that I decided to alter the dream and try and convince him to wear a certain outfit that was inspired by a pornographic image I like where there's this goth person [redacted] wearing fishnets and stilettos and a bikini (or something I dunno exactly,) and partly another image I had in mind (was some Loki fanart,) like two of them sort of combined, but he got really into the idea and got aroused.

And then I think that dream switched to where I was in the living room or something and he wasn't there and some weird person was running up my garden about to break into my house. So I left the room quickly and my brother said who it was and the answer was ridiculous but I can't remember 100% who it was just that the answer was ridiculous.
This was before I made my gaming channel, a couple of months before. I have several subscribers :')

In the last one I remembered I had a dream that I had 2000 YouTube subscriptions on a gaming channel I had that doesn't exist, also there was some workshop place I think? Where I was hanging out at some point.
Sometimes when I start doing something new though I'll just have some mundane and sometimes repetitive dreams about that thing a few times. I've had dreams about 3D modelling, uv mapping, certain game related stuff, and creating content for YouTube before.

I had sleep paralysis once and that was the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced. I couldn't see anything thank **** but there was this weird like prescence hovering over me and I think it whispered something and I knew it was going to kill me but somehow I think I was more scared than I would have been if some Human was killing me like it was an otherworldly ****ed up experience and I couldn't move obviously.

Also one time I had a dream I won't quote all of it I started creating a children's book story or something in my dream, but there were some really cool parts aesthetically (and that dumb sense of humour again...)

I started exploring the village outside and I think it was like this large sort of Tudor thatched house with a well in a mountainous terrain. There was a large plant by the well, really large. It had gigantic green roots and there was large chunks of ice kind of invasively covering parts of that moving into the clouds. I think I must have asked about that and she answered even though she wasn't near by, about how she 'liked the aesthetic' or something. Lol.
And then I woke up and this music was in my head even though it wasn't in the dream and I played that quest ages before so that was really weird:

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
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I can't usually remember any of them at all.
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One of my rare re-occuring ones, I'm in the mountains with some of my mates on a snowboarding trip, and all I want to do is get up on the mountain and start riding but something always stops me getting could be my mates ****ing around hiring a snowbaord or getting some breakfast first, getting on a chairlift that goes somewhere with no snow, so I have to rush back down etc..i never make it. Its nothing bad but I do feel a litlle stressed trying to get some snowboarding time in.

The other one, I'm in the garden of the house I grew up in with friends and family round etc, and I've got this normal kitchen type chair which I can fly around in just by moving my body in certain directions. I dont fly high, and only buzz round the neighbours garden etc. I offer other people to have a go but it doesn't worl for them. I like this dream cos I get to ride a flying chair.

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