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My life pretty much sucks. I'm 17 ive got SA I hardly ever go out and I onli have like 5 friends. And im always depressed because I'm just not happy where I'm at. So i usually daydream just to escape reality. I know it's sad. But it's all I can do until I can finally live a happy life. I was just wondering if anyone else daydreams too or does anything else in order to escape their realities. I also like watching movies too. That gets my mind off things.
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I daydream constantly. I'll stare at something, like a wall, while I'm thinking of different things. I try to do this when I'm really anxious so that I'm not thinking about anxiety.
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Daydreaming + being on my computer is what I do best!
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I would probably daydream if I had any interests. All I can seem to think about anymore is wtf is wrong with me. What is the point of anything. :P

Movies are a great escape. Games are another escape for me. Drugs used to be, but they have their repercussions. I say keep daydreaming. Try to reevaluate your situation and realize that having 5 friends is a blessing. Imagine having 0 friends. Try to maintain a positive perspective. That is what my life struggle is all about.
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Yep Daydream way too much. Saers known for it. Mainly daydream about my bad belief system now and how to counteract them. But otherwise playing poker and strikingit rich! You're 17 though and have 5 friends. A few close friends is all you really need. Highschool tricks you that you need all these friends, be cool, and belong to everything. Just make sure you don't give up and life can only get better.
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I daydream all the time. I've always had a crazy vivid imagination. I'm sure it has something to do with my SA
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I always daydream, like i am mesmerized. i also have 4 close friends whom i hang out with. i think its introversion.
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