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Dating Apps

Does anyone elses anxiety flare up when using dating apps?

I dont know. I have no problem talking to someone in a forum or in a chatroom but if I get a message on one of those apps I instantly feel this rush of small panic. Idk if its because theres a preconceived notion that eventually this will lead to something more. Idk if its a fear of rejection. I feel awful unmatching too. Overall I dont think its the right way to go for me lol
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I see no use for these apps...
Unless to pick up something for some time...
It's hard to say. I don't use any of them, but I can see the anxiety that they may cause...

Even shy people can be sassy sometimes...
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Its natural its the fear of rejection. Nobody likes to feel like they are not good enough which is what happens when your rejected.

Don't worry about the rejection. Why worry about what people think who are strangers that you will never meet? If you find someone on these apps you like all you can do is make the move and express interest in them. Their response it out of your control so don't worry about it.

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take" is a quote from Michael Jordan I like to live by that fits the situation.
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I hated them because I felt more scrutinized than usual. Never helps that people aren't exactly polite.

You need a really thick skin for it. If I went back I'd try to set like a time limit to just go through, try to set something up, and log out.
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Trying it out. Tons of anxiety, no idea if this will lead to meeting someone. But itīs worth a shot and still not as hard as going up to someone in a public setting.
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I might use one again, last time I used one I got a relationship out of it although not a very healthy one. Red flags at every corner is seemed. But maybe he thought the same about me. But that's not why I don't really like dating apps. I don't like them because of the stigma. I feel like I should meet someone organically and become attracted to them but the men in my life are so passive, they apologize for everything and when they like someone they pander so hard that it comes across as fake. Meeting someone in real life also means they're probably more trustworthy and probably a better match, though I appreciate how dating apps can introduce you to a good match you otherwise would not cross paths with
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