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craving social interaction

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texting is one thing, but what about calling and just talking to people face to face? or going to a buddy's house?
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no thanks


move on

don't sheep it

Think Different

Help Yourself

You don't neeeeed help. Trust yourself
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I kinda know what you mean. I had the same feeling for months so I tried messaging people but mostly they wouldn't meassage back so the craving went down alittle but I guess that's one reason I joined up on here. I really needed to get my thoughts out and needed Some people to hear me out. Also I'm bored.

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I crave social interaction the same, which is why I post so much here. I don't have any friends in real life and I feel like I'm mostly ignored here as well. Humans are meant to be social creatures after all.
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I'm the same way (except not with texts)'s just that I've gotten so used to any social interaction I get ending up badly that the fear has overriden my desire to interact with others, so while on the one hand I sit there craving for somebody to get in touch with me, on the other hand I'm dreading the same thing.

When I first came online, before I'd had all these bad Internet experiences, I was REALLY sociable, sending long e-mails, posting frequently to lots of forums, longing for feedback, trying so hard to be a social butterfly and get noticed on lots of sites...I just wanted so badly to belong and to be noticed...ugh, was I stupid. All I got was a lot of pain. The stupid thing is, I went through this again and again in following years, posting to penpal sites, contacting lots of people, joining lots of forums, reviewing lots of stories, in the hopes that maybe this time it'd work never did. Just made me feel worse.

Unfortunately that wannabe social butterfly is still somewhere deep down inside me. Deep DEEP down, where I hope it never gets out again.

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