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yea, im starting to feel this with all my best friends now and I dont know what to do. i find it especially hard because im in a boarding school situation, my mum knows but I dont want to worry her and shes asked me if I want to move schools, i dont really want to but i might have to if I want to be happy. help me please
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In my high school, yes.
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Yep. Probably the biggest reason i don't have friends. I don't think people will like me so i don't bother talking to people. If someone tries to talk to me i don't put in much effort cuz i think they will get bored of me and not want to talk anymore. Which in the end they stop talkin to me, not cuz they don't like me, but the vibe i put out there. Its not exactly welcoming.
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I have this thing where I think none of my in laws like sucks!
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I just know nobody likes me not even my friends and family and I am fine with it for the most part because I am used to it
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I always convince myself that everyone probably hates me when I'm out somewhere, so I should always act like they do and avoid annoying them by talking to them or being around them at all. Same goes for the internet. I'm just not a very likeable person. I get that. Having tons of friends was never something I've been very interested in anyway. If I can eventually find a few people that don't hate me, I'll be perfectly content with that alone as far as friends go.
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Well, not that nobody likes me. I have friends who I see every day and they're a big help in getting me through the day. But people I don't know I get that feeling with all the time.
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I have the same thing. But I realized how destructive behavior is really. When you think nobody - lets say at a party - likes you it may seem as if you don't like anybody at the party. People will pick up on it and BAM; self fulling prophecy.
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Always. And those feelings intensify if I do something which is, in my mind, stupid, or when I feel like I've failed at something, anything. I often think that the only reason why anyone talks to me is because either they feel obligated to (my family, work related people) or they are just as lonely as I am (everyone else) and I'm better than no one.

I've been trying to change the way I think about such things for years... and these days, I can accept someone's words, but I think I'm still far away from actually believing when someone says that they enjoy conversing with me or whatever they may say. But any changes you want to make to the way you think takes time, I suppose.
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Not to worry, our kind dont usually live too long, either because we end it, or because our bodies fail us due to the constant stresses, depression and loneliness. Damn this thread is toxic lol
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I find it hard not to love people and it's rare that I not like someone. Of course I don't want to be close friends with everyone though.

Originally Posted by MadeinLithuania View Post
Yes. Even than they saying for me that they like me.. I know, that they don't :<
I don't know you but you seem pretty awesome to me.

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Yep, even my own family. Paranoia!!
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i stopped giving a fudge about people liking me. yayyy
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I always feel like everyone hates me to the point where I'll try and think about all the bad things they could be thinking about me and I become convinced that they're actually thinking them.
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No one has ever liked me

I am over 60 years old and I feel as though no one has ever liked me, and here is why.

As far back as I can remember my parents were emotionally abusive to me, never told me they loved me, never kissed me good night, never hugged me.
They were physically abusive hitting me with belts, hanger, shoes, twigs. They were verbally abusive calling me names, saying I wasn't worth anything. My dad molested me, and my mom never seemed to want to be around me as we never went anywhere together... shopping or doing any mother/daughter things together. They got mad at me because my paternal grandmother liked me and wanted me to spend time with her and my grandfather on weekends, as my maternal grandmother didn't want me around but always wanted my older brother there with her. My brother always picked on me and told my parents lies about me to get me into trouble. He and my dad use to tease me till I was in tears. One time I ran and hid under the stairs in a cubby in the basement and my dad nailed the door shut. When I kicked the door open and went to my room, they came in teasing me, I threw a book not hitting either of them, but toward them. My dad came over and hit me across the face and almost knocked me out. My jaw since then will lock up at times and will pop really loud.

When I started school I got beat up in kindergarten and got a bloody nose. Kids didn't want to be friends with me.

We were always moving and I was always the new kid in school in the middle of the year. Girls would gang up on me and pick fights with me.

In high school I finally made a good friend and started to become active in cheer leading. But my last year in high school my parents moved to another state, 50 miles from the nearest high school. So I could not attend dances, school events or get involved with school activities. My old friend basically dumped me because we moved away. When I went back, she had made other friends and didn't have time for me.

I met a guy my parents didn't like, and got pregnant, had to marry him. He was physically abusive and would beat me. I tried to leave him but I was told by my parents that that is the way it is and to make the best of it. He died of cancer.

I was depressed and started drinking and doing drugs. I was only 28 at the time, and only people that drank and did drugs had anything to do with me. I moved away from that to find a better life.

I met a man and married, but found out he lied and cheated not only me but other people and had put us into debt with creditors and lawyers coming after us. I divorced him and moved away.

My children: My daughter, who is almost 40, doesn't talk to me and hasn't for almost 2 years, and even my grandchildren have stopped talking to me. I send them birthday cards, money, gifts at Christmas, tried to call but never get to talk to anyone, and try to talk to them on a social media, but they never return messages.

My oldest son left when he was 18 and just in the past 4 years we have mended our relationship. He is now 36.

My younger two boys, they talk to me occasionally, but it is very strained. One lives close but never calls and only comes home from college when he needs laundry done or on semester breaks. While he is here he is constantly on the computer or texting someone oh his phone. But when I've tried to call him, after class hours, he says he doesn't have his phone with him. The other son moved far away and rarely calls me.

I don't expect a call every day or every week, but once a month from my kids would be great just to let me know they are well and doing good. I haven't been able to talk to my grand kids for several years. We have become strangers. The last time I saw them and got to spend time was over 2 years ago. One time my youngest wanted to come to visit, but her mom wouldn't let her, saying they were too busy with activities.

My husband now, of 9 years, sits silently on his computer playing games or "researching" something of interest to him. I've seen him typing, but when I walk over to see what is going on, he immediately closes the window. He has also put a password on his computer. We don't hug, or kiss at all. He is very withdrawn and unaffectionate toward me. We are more like room mates than husband and wife.

I have no friends or family that talks to me. I ALWAYS have to call them, no one will ever call me first. Sometimes I let it go for months to see if anyone would call me or send me a message on the social media or through email... no one does, then I will either call or write to them and they act all happy I contacted them. But I'm always the one contacting someone, no one ever calls or writes to me.

Sometimes I am glad I am as old as I am because I hope that I am close to dying. I feel so alone, so unloved.
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Yeah a feel this way all the time. Even with my best friend. I try to convince myself that it isnt true and that im just being paranoid, but everytime i do, i always find "evidence"againts it. I know i can be very awkward and whenever i say something, i get no response most of the time, and im pretty sure this is the problem. That i cant say anything "right." but i also cant help thinking that i give off some sort of vibe that makes people not want to associate with me. Like im a freak, or a weirdo or something. It definitely hurts and lowers your self esteem so much. But there's really no solution to the problem, right?? Im only 17 at the moment so im still hoping things WILL get better.
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I usually assume people don't like me until shown otherwise, and even then the reassurance usually fades away again after a while

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Holy crap

I feel that exact same way everyday at school and it gets me really anxious just thinking about it. Then it just doesn't stop until I get home..
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If your insecurity is "people won't like me" then every little thing they do will seem like evidence that confirms your insecurity.

I felt terrible Saturday night because a girl I was hanging out with said things that my SA mind interpreted as meaning she doesn't like spending time with me. The next day I spent more time with her but I had to leave to do some work. She practically begged me to stay with her. So, it seems it was all in my heard.
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feel like that all the time

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