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So Im working on my confidence. Im really trying to focus on everything positive and its really difficult like Ive just been in the habit of being so negative and down on myself all the time it feels SO unnatural...BUT I am already seeing a tiny bit of improvement and just this bit is giving me hope.

Reading up on improving self esteem, getting a hobby, filling up my time, excercising, improving diet...and reminding myself what seems to be CONSTANTLY, that I am indeed a good person and I deserve like everyone else, to live a good if you feel there is no hope and like you will be stuck like this forever its not true. You deserve to lead a happy/content life. Be determined to change your thinking patterns and trust that there is hope and opportunity to change and you will start improving.

Im also going to a therapist for CBT at the end of December so I will let people know how its working out..
Anyways, everyone have a Merry Christmas!
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im also doing this. im trying to be more social. its really hard but i think i've made some improvement. i try and talk to as much poeple as i can at work. before i couldn't even say a word to a girl with out sweating like crazy. now i don't feel that much anxiety around them. now i just need to work on how to build a friendship with them. there are days with i just feel like s#[email protected] and i don't talk to anyone.
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Good on you!

I'm also trying not to be so avoidant, sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail but at least I am trying!!

You have a merry xmas too!!

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I seem to have lost my keys.
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That is great!

Merry Christmas to you too!

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Taking a break now.
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I agree with you 100% alicia. its very hard to want to make yourself do anything when your down on yourself about SA. someohow by pure chance i started slowly doing things like going to the grocery store and talking to new people. what happens is that everytime you do something be it negative or positive you reiforce that habit. the more you do it the easier it gets. i used to be alot lazier than i am because i always chose not to do something over doing something. it naturally seems easier. but once you start forcing yourself to do things you begin to want to do little things. at first it sucks because your still confused about if you should do this because u have no idea if it works. if you have the willpower the rest will fall into place. start small do 1-2 chores a day like get groceries and by something u need around the house. get comfortable with it and by no means rush yourself because youll burn out real quick. at least i did at first. i was like screw it im going back home. that was after doing to much at the begining. but one thing that stood out in your post was that you said you feel better about yourself and that you deserve everything everyone else does. that step was huge for me. motivation is what is the root to solving sa
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Good luck with whatever technique you're trying. But isn't it a bit hasty to declare the 'key' or the 'root to solving' social anxiety disorder? Do you really believe all the sufferers - just the ones on this forum lets say - have never tried the things you're suggesting?
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