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Co-Workers Middle Schooler Son Has SAD Too!

I feel like some things happen for a reason.

My coworker is going thru a difficult time as her son is really struggling with social anxiety. From what I've gathered:

*He's been bullied at school a lot. He's a band student and is in middle school. So the jocks bully him a lot. Luckily it seems it hasn't gotten physical but as we all know psychological can be worse. I remember how cliquey middle school is. He has a group of friends but is only in band class with them.

*He's been acting like a little kid in the morning before school, crying and absolutely refusing to go. My coworker's talked to teachers and the principal at the school but they aren't really helping. He really refuses to say more himself, something that I am positive is the social anxiety too.

*His goal in life is to just make YouTube videos all day. My coworker's concerned because she knows he's choosing that because you're not working with real people. He's fine on the weekends but doesn't go out much. He doesn't hang out with his friends much outside of school. He's never dated. ('I'm like 'coworker, I haven't either and I'm 24. That's nothing lol')

*He's started counselling today. Sounds like he's going to transfer schools because it's spread around the school he's having trouble socially there.

It's really sad because I know how he feels. I want to tell my coworker I have it too! But that'd be a death sentence. I can really relate to her stories about him.

It's very rare to run into people with social anxiety in real life, so I thought y'all would be interested.

The world is quiet here.
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Hmm, neat. SA is pretty common, I don't think it would be a death sentence. Maybe you can help her son?

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plus i think he need to get help with his confidence ppl are going to knock you down if they believe you can't defend yourself away to practise talking on the phone or just making a friend up to you
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