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Can you get a venous lake in your 30's?

I've had this bump for about 5 months ago. It appeared suddenly. It's gotten a little smaller after a while but it hasn't gone away completely. It's small and hasn't grown. The bump is soft and very movable. It's pretty much the normal color of my lips with a little bit of blue or purple in the middle. Also if you press up against the bump it's mostly white with some purple in the middle.

Also went to the doc for it a 3 months ago. She didn't really seem to know what she's doing. Which is pretty bad if even I can tell that's she's not knowing what she's doing about. Told her about the cyst, that I had it for 4 weeks. It's very movable and no pain. Appeared suddenly, probably from lip bitting which I never really knew I did till I got this. The fact the lip bump was shrinking a bit.

Anyway she took a quick look at that, and lymph nodes in the area, checked my mouth for anything else. She didn't really know what it was. I was going to have to dentist look at it in April but it, but the appointment got canceled because of the wu-flu. So now I'm starting to worry about this again.
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Why didn't the doctor just freeze it? One time a had a small growth below my lip and my doctor just froze it. After a few days it fell came off.

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