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Can anyone else not even talk to family members?

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Yes. I used to be able to talk to my brother much more easily but he lives in another town for uni and on the rare occaison that I see him I still feel a bit uncomfortable and awkward, and it takes me a bit to warm up to him.
And I can't talk to my parents, but that's nothing new, it's been like that since I was 12 or so. I'd say it's worse with my dad though, since my parents also split up when I was 7 so I don't see him very often. I'm still very shy and uncomfortable around relatives as well, even though I've known them and have seen them regularly for the past 17 years of my life (my whole life).
It sucks, I ****ing hate how I am like this.
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Everyone in my extended family makes me anxious, but even my nuclear family does too. I can hardly talk to my stepdad, I mostly just answer his questions. I'm more comfortable with my mom, but I have an extreme aversion to talking to her. I don't know why really, I'm just mean and weird. I'm most comfortable with my brother but I still dont' talk to him all that much. Some days not at all (and he lives in the same apt with me).
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I feel lots of anxiety even around my close family!

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Yeah, i have great difficulty. I often treat relatives as if they were strangers.
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I hardly communicate at all with my family anymore. No point in even trying to speak to my mother. My sister and I don't get along and don't speak much. My dad is the only person I feel slightly comfortable with but he won't discuss anything involving my SA or depression. So I have basically stopped talking to him as well. I have become completely isolated even among my closest family. Many days I don't speak to any of them at all.
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hmm. sometimes I am comfortable with family. sometimes its hard.
its just like with other people. but family is def a dif situation. its wierd, its seems like its getting harder, which I think it would get easier over time.
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I am in a similar situation. Ever since puberty, I have not really spoken with my family all that much. Since my SA has shown its ugly head, I have spoken with them even less. Now, I usually try to avoid them as much as I can (I stay in my room most of the day and wait until they leave or go to sleep before I venture out of my room .) I sometimes have trouble responding to their questions, too. My brother moved out a couple of years ago, and now whenever he comes over, I feel like he is a guest, which is not a good thing. I usually stay in my room whenever guests come over. I dislike them.

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I have no problems with my parents, but I rarely talk to my older sister anymore. I only see her a few times a year and we have very little to say to each other. She only lives about ten miles from me too. I feel pretty rotten for letting things get this bad between me and her because I know its mostly my fault for allowing our relationship to drift apart.
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this thread makes me anxious :S never thought of this, but sometimes
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I get uncomfortable with my dad somtimes, im not sure why. my parent splits when i was a kid and i have lived with my mom for most of the time scince then.

I barely talk to my mom anymore to scince i moved out about 6-7 months ago.

But its hard for me to even go to my dads house but i would go to my moms without thinking about it.
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They make me uncomfortable. There's really nobody in my family who listens to me anyway... I feel like anything I tell them will be judged instead of supported.
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I can't talk with my family much at all....I just lack any type of common bond with them.

All they ever seem to talk about is religion and their kids. I'm single and not religious, so I sit and twiddle my thumbs.

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I talk to my mother, grandmother, and her sisters all the time and have a lot to say to them. I have a couple of cousins who I can really talk to. I do have problems talking to my dad and I think I make him uncomfortable. I also can't really talk to my brothers, I usually don't have a lot to say to them but it's not really due to anxiety. I have problems talking to many of my cousins both younger and older including a few that I used to be close to when we were kids.
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I have alot of anxiety nowadays with my extended family, even my step-siblings (who were probably more "popular" than I was in school). They are certainly going through rough times right now, so I am learning from them behind the scenes and through my stepmom.

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I feel like the black sheep of the family, always keeping to myself while everyone else is used to an open situation. With my mom for most of my life I never really had trouble communicating, but would only do so if there where a reason. Small talk? never. =p Now I moved in with my dad as of the past year (they were split since I can remember) and my grandparents on his side, and its like, I never come out of my room unless they are asleep/out/etc and if they surprise me by being too quite for me to tell they are there, I get really really uncomfortable and make my way back to my room asap, hah.
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I've never really had an open relationship with my parents... Never really shared my problems with them or anything. They're usually the last ones to know if they know at all. In fact, in a lot of ways, they don't even know me...don't really know my religious or political or philosphical beliefs... I have a really hard time talking to my dad and usually avoid him, actually...even feel really uncomfortable...say...sitting next to him or being alone in a room with him. I get along better with my mom, but like I said, we don't talk all that much, and when we do, it's not exactly deep. Hhrrmm...
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I cant talk to my brothers. They make me feel really uncomfortable at times. I get a lot of anxiety around my dads side of the family too because they have a lot of disputes. My moms side of the family is the complete opposite. They're sooo damn nice to me i couldn't ever get mad at any of them. They just show me so much love and i can tell they really care about me.
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No, the only people I am %100 comfortable around are my mom, dad, and brother. I laugh and smile and talk a lot more around them and goof off a lot with my brother. Other relatives I freeze up around though.
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I'm completely comfortable around my immediate family. My other relatives, who live farther away and I only see about once a year, they've never known the real me. I have always been pretty much mute when they're around.
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