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hey guys, we could use your help!

Hi Everyone,

Please take the time to read and share this, it would be amazing if you did!

Aseem and I are the producers of the Podcast show called Achieve. Can be found on achievepodcast,com

We recently had Zachary Williams (son of Robin Williams the actor) as a guest and we feel some of his shares and comments around anxiety and depression for when his father passed away could be meaningful to you guys. Zachary seeks to change the stigma, and has created something to help others, which helped him during his time of alcohol and drug abuse during his dark moments.* We wanted to ask for your advice (comment on this) as to what the best way to share this information with those who are going through what Zachary did.* We have the podcast link above.

Thank you so much,
Aseem Giri
Julian Au
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This is pretty much waht I spend all my time talking about with my shrink. It literally is social anxiety summed up. But ultimately, if you don't have concrete evidence to prove people dislike you then what's the point? If they do dislike you then so what. You can't change their opinion but you can change the opinion to the one you have of yourself. Being so wrapped up in someone's opinion of you is giving the power away to THEM. Conversely, there's probably more people that liked you/nothinged you then had contempt for you (unless you're an evil dictator).

@tehuti88 Well You're well regarded/liked here

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This is something that developed over time for me. Mostly because then I won't get as disappointed or sad.
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I try not to assume that I know anything about what another person may be thinking about me unless they say something directly or itís just blatantly obvious that we donít get along. Itís easy to go down a path of negative thinking and self talk once I open that door. So Iím more or less indifferent to it.

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."
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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - your always thinking about what you don't like, your so focused on what you don't like, so you can't stop thinking about what you don't like, so guess what your going to get? more of what you don't like

Why not try assuming the opposite?

Remember, your views and what you have to say matter to others AND to yourself
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When I say that I don't think anyone likes me. I don't feel like I'm assuming anything. I simply observe. I ask myself does that person try to talk to me? Nine times out of Ten, the answer is no. That means I'm the one doing all the work. That person couldn't care less if I died tomorrow.
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Dunno if thread still actual, but still... Yes I often feel this way (and maybe even parranoid if somebody tries to approach me, like "wtf do you want from me, wyou wouldnt talk to me if you didnt want something from me"). Like The Linux Guy said before me: "I simply observe. <...>I'm the one doing all the work. That person couldn't care less if I died tomorrow." Even if I try to genuinelly be friendly and ask ppl to meet or something, all I get is "Ill see" or "I dont have money/time, sorry". Every F-n Time. So Im just starting to give up, and dont try to initiate anything IRL. So heres my few cents on the subject.
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we shouldn't assume that people won't like us. we should be neutral until it's actually a fact
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I know for a fact that people won't like me. I'm just too fvcking weird. Everywhere I go, it doesn't take long for the badmouthing and ostracism to start.

Nowadays I just get revenge on people by doing it back to them.
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hatred of humans

what's your species?

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i a eyes person in my life. not an ear addict person. fingaahh printzz? UH

apes & chimps, all


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