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Assessment? :S ? help :\ :)

Hey i finally went to the doctors yesterday about my problem, i explained to the doctor about my anxiety and shyness problems. she said it was normal for people my age..
normal is it to be physically sick, panic and cry and tremble before having to use the phone to ring for an appointment??? taking nearly over an hour, after 4 attempts of hanging up on the recptionist!!

normal is it to have to drink achoel, to go to college, or to go to the hairdressers or to do simple every day tasks which involve social interaction, that u have to drink otherwise u cant cope, but the drink lets u be the person u want to be

anyway, she asked me if i wanted to be refered on to the 'community mental health team' for an assessment. please could somebody explain me what will happen etc? how long is the waiting list or any info, all she said was i'll refer u on to the mental health team..

any info would be grateful
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I'm assuming you're in the UK. That's good that she suggested referring you on to the CMHT (i.e., secondary services). They usually deal with you in primary services first.

The waiting list varies depending on region. Usually it is several weeks or months (I waited 9 months). At the first appointment, they assess you by asking questions on your history. They then determine what treatment you are to receive. This varies between CMHTs. Some only have psychodynamic therapy available and no CBT. The wait between the appointment and starting therapy can be several weeks.
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okay cool thanks

my GP when i went there, she had me feeling in a depression questionnaire , and i got so irratated i purposely pointed myself low scores cos i didnt want her just to say i was depressed ,cos i wasnt there for depression, i said to her this questionnaire doesnt relate to what ive come here about, ive come here cos i have social anxiety, then she said 'im the doctor u r the patient i make the diagnosis' thank gawd she refered me on she wasnt listening to me

this problem i have, is distroying my life , im to scared to get a job, or go to uni, or do simple things. i have no life, and its getting to the point where i think whats point even living (i only say that to myself) i wish there was a drug just like achoel, id be fixed.
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Some doctors are useless. I remember I went to one when I was sixteen and basically described what I later found out was textbook SA. His response was to put me on some anti-depressants and assure my mother nothing was wrong with me. Thanks for wasting seven years of my life pal.
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