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Are You Easy Going?

I'm rather chill. Unless someone is dying then everything can be sorted.

But being too easy going can lead people to boss you around. Most of the time I brush it off but my resentment builds up and then I will go off. Then I would feel guilty and awkward.

I'm learning to be dominant.
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I'm probably the least easy going person ever. I'm reactionary, over sensitive, think too much etc. But meh, that's just me.

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No I'm not easy-going at all. But if you met me you'd probably think I am. I'm very good at hiding it - I've been doing it for a really long time and I don't like people seeing how I really am.

I'm a mess - very much like the person above mentioned. Over-sensitive, I worry too much, I get manic as hell, anxious quite often although you probably wouldn't be able to see that either - the list goes on. It's ridiculous.
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Do, de, do, de, do.

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No! I am incredibly uptight. I have an extreme need for control over everything otherwise it makes me really anxious.

I'm trying to learn to be chill and go with the flow. I'm so envious of people who are naturally that way. Well in some ways at least. They usually agree to almost anything, which can be a bad thing. Depending on the circumstances. But they are probably seen as cool, mysterious, relaxed, likable?? I think I am seen as a B sometimes. Which is not my intention but it just turns out that way.
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Yes and no. If I like you I am. Im quite open minded but can't stick around domineering personalities for too long. Clashing of personalities and all that. I'm quite mild mannered irl, which helps.

Our hopes and expectations. Black holes and revelations.
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My nature would be alright, took from my father's side I guess, when I was younger not as much, I wish I could be like that all the time, from a logical point of view I don't see the point in getting worked up or stressed, everything is how it has to be & that's that, but my body doesn't agree sometimes, at certain times or under under certain circumstances I'm not.

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I like to thing I'm easy-going, but in reality i'm so, so not.

In the big picture my logical mind doesn't care about a lot of things...I can let things roll right off me. Problem is, my anxious brain is trying like crazy to plan everything in advance to ward off any potential panic or breakdowns. If something doesn't go according to anxiety brain's plans, internal meltdown will start before logical brain has had a chance to have a say in it.

For example, I am expecting that I'm in charge of a particular thing at work. I get to work and find out that someone else is doing it. Internal tantrum begins, trying to keep my emotions from coming across on the surface so I don't do something stupid like cry at work over a silly assignment. People see that something is wrong and ask me if I want to change it, if I want to do it, etc. I get overwhelmed and panicky and tell them no because I don't want to make a scene, which sometimes causes a bigger scene. Finally I get away from the crowd, have some time to myself to breathe, and I realize I don't want to do the damn thing anyway! In reality I'm totally 100% fine with someone else doing it, but now I've made way too much of a stink to ever be considered easy-going. And now that I've realized I don't want it and am ok with someone else doing it, I've probably ended up with the assignment too! lol
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no no no I am difficult going. possibly the most difficult going you've ever gone.

but at least I am laid back. often very laid back.

I'm really hard to be around and impossible to talk to. and impolite.

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
―Balon Greyjoy
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I like to think I'm a decent person though - I'm not hard to be around, people always like me. I just hide all the crap that I'm dealing with because no-one needs to hear about all that stuff. So I probably appear quite settled and calm. That's not how I actually am though.
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I was always happy go lucky growing up. Even in high school as I felt depressed without a girlfriend, everyone else would call me happy go lucky. I hid everything so well.

Drugs blew that hiding space out into the open.

I'm trying to get back to that happy go lucky mood. That was my default mood, but now its all frustration and angst. Now I don't even think I could fake it around people, I just hide & don't show myself instead. Really drives me crazy because I don't know how much damage I've done drug wise, makes me doubt I'll ever recover.

My baseline is barely getting through the day, to peaking by using alcohol or weed. That's just burying everything again. I think I end up using that **** every once in a while just so I can tell myself I haven't recovered, and that I'll never get back to functional. It scares me, the fact I've done so much damage that I'll never get back to that state. It was peaceful, I think. Maybe I'm in denial, hard to say without another year of recovery -_- or 4.
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