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Are you ageist? Do you ever find yourself being biased towards people?

I never really considered it until now. This doesn't really affect me outside of this messageboard. I'll look over to the left and see the person's age listed below their username. If they are really young (18 and younger) I tend to not take what they say seriously. If they are middle aged or older (late 30s and older) I think to myself that I can't relate to them.

I try to be objective when reading these forums but I just came to a realization that a person's age might be subtly affecting how I perceive someone's persona online. I guess I am just trying to relate with others and it is easier to do with people around your age group.
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When I first joined this site, I found myself doing the same thing. Putting little stock into something said by someone much youger...

After being here for a few days and reading more posts by younger people, Ive found that age doesnt necessarily mean that they dont know what theyre talking about. Ive seen some really well written and well thought out posts from teenagers. Its refreshing to see such intellect from a much younger person.
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I sort of feel that way about the teenagers, but it's not that I don't take them seriously, it's just that I can't relate to them and their difficulties as much because my life now is totally different from theirs. I find I'm able to relate more to the older people (40+) than to the teenagers because their difficulties are closer to mine, unless they're talking about kids or something - that area is totally foreign to me.

The older I get, the more I feel bad for old people (ie. seniors) because I'm aware of how quickly time goes by, and before I know it I'm going to be old and feeble.
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Haha, I don't blame you. I wouldn't take anything I say seriously either
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I'm not ageist really, but some things I read on here like 18 year olds saying they're still virgins and their life is over make me pfft. But at that age, I felt the same.
Of course you'll feel you can relate to people closer to your age generally, but it depends where you are in your life and your experiences.
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I'll admit that I don't take the concerns of those under 17 that seriously. Most of them seem transitory, things that will be resolved with age. That's kind of hypocritical though, putting myself back in their shoes and realizing that in many cases SA is a life-long burden. I still carry the bias regardless.
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Originally Posted by josh23 View Post
Haha, I don't blame you. I wouldn't take anything I say seriously either
Aha, I hate when people do that.

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