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Anyone feel "put down" because of their education

I am wondering if anyone on this board has ever felt put down by others because of their education level. I have felt put down in some work situations.

I will tell about one experience.

I worked at an organization with a person who was working part time and working towards a master's degree. I was always so nice to this person and would ask how they were doing, etc. I always offered a helping hand if necessary.
Well, this person had started out very "down to earth" and by the time he had earned his master's degree turned into a real jerk. At one point, this person said something along the lines of, "Yes, I now have my master's degree and not just a BA like most". They put an emphasis on "JUST".
This person was only the second person of the organization to continue through to earn a master's degree.
Our organization had people of all walks of life. Some were HS graduates, some had associate degrees, some had bachelor degrees. The boss had a BA.
I remember asking the person a question and suddenly the answer came back around to,"Oh, that was when I was studying for my master's degree". Like, I am better than you. Now, don't get me wrong, I would be happy to continue my education and pursue a master's degree. It would make a person feel they have achieved something, but I would never go around with an attitude.

Another time, this same person came up to a co-worker and the co-worker had a photo of his house on his desk. He was thinking about painting his house or something. Well, the master's degree guy saw the photo and said in a really rude way, "Oh, is that your house?" It was in a way that sounded like he was trying to put our co-worker down.

After the house comment, I thought this person really needs to be brought back down to earth. I did not want to be near this person because of the rude comments.

Has anyone felt this way or had a similar situation happen to them?
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No, that has never happened to me - but how ridiculous! Sounds like this jerk is really insecure and needs to put other people down to feel better about himself. Seriously, who cares? Most people don't even have a B.A. or a B.Sc.! That doesn't make them worthless idiots.

Please be proud of what you've accomplished and don't let some obnoxious loudmouth make you feel bad. And, yeah - avoid this person as much as you can!
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My brother has a master's degree. I have a bachelor's and twelve credit hours toward a master's in education. I only want a master's because my brother has one. I would only feel superior if I got paid a whole heck of a lot more for having one but I won't. It's pointless for me to feel superior to anyone because I would still have the same exact job. If I got a master's in Biology I might feel a little superior but education and business are sop degrees.
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i feel put down by my family all the time for my lack of education and the job i have.

I say **** em

I eat babies
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I have a Master's... and if I had known beforehand, I'd never have submitted myself to the horrible experiences I went through trying to get it. I don't have a better job because of it, I don't make much more money than people with a B.Sc and I don't get more respect because of it. All that piece of paper means is that I chose to enter the work force 4 years later (even though an M.Sc. is usually less than 2 years, long story...) than someone who chose to go straight after earning his B.Sc. As a result, I have less money saved up, I'm less experienced, I have less seniority and people assume I know way more than I actually do.

.... I want my 4 years back.
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That jerky masters person didn't have any real self-esteem......he felt his little piece of paper gave him license to treat all of the lowlier degreed and non-degreed peep like crap..........he is like the worst type of educated person. Obviously all of his studying did not lead to any sort of enlightenment or he wouldn't have been acting like that.....the type that give the white-collared professionals a bad name........too bad he doesn't suffer from social anxiety disorder. first "real" post and it sounds *****y.........*****y but true i suppose.

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That guy sure sounds like a jerk. Maybe you should tell him his not the only one in the world who has a master's, millions have them, and what more, its becoming more and more common now adays anyway.

I have an uncle who has a master's but he's actually very down to earth. Actually, at the point when he got his master's, some 15 or so years ago I guess, it was considered quite a big achievement here, its not like now, where everyone is trying to study for one. Despite this, he was still the same person I knew.

I agree with what silverstein said about having a master's. Its not always a good thing. I have another relative who has one, she's 28 this year, and after doing a tietiary education course, she did her Bachlor's and then master's. She just got out to the work force not too long, and from what I heard, her pay's only around 2000 odd (that's US$1600). And even then, she got this job though connentions. In fact, she happened to be the subordinate of my this other relative, who despite having only a Bacherlor's, earns US$6500, and he's not a lot older than her too. He's in his early 30s now.

I think a master's has it's use, but it would depend on your field of work etc. and if its what you really need. I have one relative who works in the Bio-tech field or something, and her masters seems to be helping her. She's 28 and earns nearly US$4000. Not bad for a single woman. But I think what was important was also that she picked the right field. Over here, this is a field where the prospects is very good now.

I think you all must be wondering how I know the salaries of my relatives They all have parents who are eager to show off their children's achievements, that's how I came to know about it
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From my experience there are college educated folks who treat you differently. Most definately. It's just a fact of life. It most often comes from upper class folks that I clean for. "Why aren't you in school?", "So, you're in school, right?". It's not the question that bothers me but the tone in which they ask it.

Even past aquaintances have treated me this way, as if by not going to college I will be some kind of loser forever.

To heck with them all.
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I get the complete opposite reaction...I am the first person in my family to be this far in college as I am, and trust me I don't parade that around, but I think I have a right to be proud. But my family seems kind of put off when I say anything "smart" or say any "big" words. I really try to not talk smart but sometimes a "big" word comes out and my family has to look at me like,"what? Do you think you are better than us or something?" But I really don't think that at all!!
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