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Yeah, I definitely get this sometimes.

I have pretty much always got that sense of stiffness you only really get when you feel you're being watched and every motion becomes so much more conscious.

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I'd say muscle tension is the culprit here, along with a hyper attention to what you are doing as a result of SA. Good news, as is the case with almost every obsession or anxiety related "concern", other people hardly notice the "enormous" problem you think is so evident. Even when they notice it, they don't care.

I don't look at a girl who for instance may have an acne on her face and judge her for it, start discrediting them as a person. I don't also think she is ugly, I don't care, my brain doesn't process such insignificant things, the environment has too much stimuli. Meanwhile, if this was an obsessive or anxious girl, she would be thinking every way I reacted to her was due to the acne. Same concept applies with worrying about *****ing walking.

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Anyone else feel weird when they walk outside?

Basically, Yes. What you are experiencing is SA or social anxiety. And this doesn't take anyone with a "mental disorder" to notice how strange it feels. You are picking up on a lot of different various energies. And yes, it may just be in the air so to speak. This is why when you go into crowded places you may feel overwhelmed, excited beyond belief, or ridiculously scared of what other people are thinking of you. It's not necessarily you. But, because you are a person your body is made to sense these things to help protect yourself. Should you really be scared to walk outside? Not necessarily. You just are aware that others out in the world close or far away are afraid of what others think of them. I suggest you to just go through the motions. You may get stares or maybe it just maybe might be in your mind but, just know you are bigger then these things and want to get outdoors and get your exercise! You don't need to actually believe these things about yourself. Just be aware of it, and pretend not to notice. This is what everybody else does too. This is a survival mechanism so you know when you sense danger. But, don't worry too much it will pass and you will be so glad you went outside and went for that walk and that you were out there doing what you really wanted to do in the first place. Dont let people scare you. These people are too caught up into worrying. Usually if your afraid of walking outside it's because you live in a crowded neighborhood. Be greatful you live around people because living around people is alot better then living around nobody at all. Count the good things and refrain from the fears. It's a never ending battle. Just don't take it serious and you'll be okay. Get outside as much as you want peopel will nto remember you at the end of the day you will not be the person they are thinking about. Unless you take your shirt off and walk around or pants if your a that was a really bad joke and I dont recommend that. anyways have a good day!
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Folks tell me I walk just like my dad.. That makes me feel weird.

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Actually Yes, I do O.O I didn't know others felt this way, too!
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I used to worry about this all the time. I still do sometimes. I just perceive myself looking anxious or stiff or unnatural when I walk. It's so annoying!
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Originally Posted by moroff View Post
Folks tell me I walk just like my dad.. That makes me feel weird.
Apparently me, my dad, and my grandpa all have one side that leans down when we walk, like we're being pulled down on one side, not like a cool pimp walk. I really can't feel it all, but people say it's there. It's so weird
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Had to register for this lol. But yea, I get this a lot. Sometimes when walking down stairs at school, I'll pretend to have a limp because I can't walk right lol. Especially sucks when people are behind you, but I dont always get it.
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yes, all of the time.

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Yeah I have definitely had a lot of problems myself with walking in the past. it's like I can think in my mind, "why do I give a flying shiz what others think of me," but just thinking that rationally, doesn't change my feelings... it sucks. I found this article to be pretty useful to me though, in helping me not feel so alone. Hope that helps.
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I've been told repeatedly that I swing my arms waaay out when I walk. I consciously try to walk "normally" sometimes, but I'm never sure if it works.

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I feel like I walk like an idiot in crowds. I don't like people walking behind me!
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Yeah definitely, I get really self conscious, like.. are they all looking at me? But in fact nobody actually cares
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Originally Posted by disarmonia mundi View Post
Yep, with everything physical that I do really. I can be alone at night walking down a quiet street then when I notice a car or another person I automatically tense up and feel uncomfortable and overly-aware of their presence, coordination goes out the window... and then I get self-conscious at my lack of coordination which makes me try to correct it, which makes my gait look even more unnatural

I can't smoke or drink or eat in front of others either for the same reason. Completely fine when alone.... awkward, jerky and clumsy otherwise.

Standing in line at the checkout with people behind me is another unpleasant situation
I can identify completely. I tense up doing ANYTHING when there's someone near me. When walking past/approaching/lagging behind someone I get really tense. I'm worried it will look as if I'm trying to slam away at their ***. As you might imagine this is a very embarrassing feeling. Sometimes I'll know that someone is noticing because someone will yell "BOOM!" or "that's the guy".
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Sooo iM probably super late..i have this walk/anxiety/stiff problem too..i am at ease now..not really but im glad its not just me..i believe some people are just more of a "thinker" than others hints the thinking about ****.all i can suggest is start to sippin on drink preferably an alcoholic one..if your of age. I am an african american male 6'2 ish with super long arms..eveeyone says i have retarded strength lol.but i dont know what to do with my arms either when i walk.its like im a body builder and people may say "he thinks he's husky" but nooo i just feel their unopened minds judging. And im pretty well known when comes to groups of teens or adults but i cant help it. Im definantly not scared of all! I get mad at myself for it.people say dont think about it just walk. How! I actually do the oppisite to feel look right at your legs when walking.i swear you can feel your nerves in every step and eventually youll get a grasp of how much energy to use in each stride.i look at my phone while doing this so its not any more weird. I really hope i helped someone. Nd didnt potentially make an alcoholic out of them lol.
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