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Anyone else feel like they don't deserve good things?

I don't know how to explain this, but I don't feel like I deserve anything. Or I should say, other people make me feel like I don't deserve things.

I have honestly gotten more talkative the past few years, but it hasn't been that great. Almost every single person I talk to will talk to me and we converse but I swear every person I come into contact with has a way of making me feel bad about the way I do things or what I'm doing.

People just don't seem friendly. I don't know how to explain it.

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I don't deserve the good life I'm living, I'm not a human being. Talking with other people confirms my view, I feel bad after every social interaction but not because those people are bad or unfriendly , for me it's because it confirms what a loser I am. I've got literally nothing to show for, I'm not the only person in the word I understand that but I never even tried to become a "someone". So many try and fail but at least they tried. That's the meaning of life.
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Kinda but at the same time I think I'm probably not deserving or undeserving of anything. If that makes any sense lol

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The interesting thing is for me, I've been doing a healing meditation for a couple of weeks and the last couple of days I've felt some resistance to it, it's like a part of me feels like it doesn't deserve to be healed. I've always been open minded and positive/hopeful etc but it's still there. It's the fear of success I think, that's one of the things I didn't learn about as a kid. It should be basic knowledge taught at school, drilled into us so we really get it.

If I won a billion dollars I would build a school and teach the things schools should really be teaching. Values, communication, spirituality and meditation, nature and reality, love, sex and health. That kind if things and my students would learn to become independent thinkers, they wouldn't just learn to memorize some things but they would make up their own minds on things like history because we would always teach both sides of the story. They would learn to become powerful co creators, leaders and healers to help the world.
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yes, I don't deserve anything good.
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One of the biggest things in my life are that I don't deserve anything good and I deserve everything bad that happens to me. It is the price to pay for that mistake which is called my existence...

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No. I feel as deserving as everyone else. What I feel is that the universe has arbitrarily decided not to give me anything good, no matter how hard I work for it.

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nah I deserve love

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I don't really like the word "deserve" in this context. Like, to me, everyone "deserves" some semblance of what they need to be happy. You shouldn't have to earn the right to exist. You shouldn't be made to feel as if you don't deserve to "have good things" (whatever that means to you). To me "to have good things" means the same thing as "to be happy". Whatever you require to be happy is not an optional thing for you. If you can't be happy, your life will not mean anything to you other than unhappiness and dissatisfaction. This (IMO) is not really something you should have to earn or feel like you deserve or don't deserve it. It should just be accepted that (in some fashion) each individual has to be able to find a path to happiness/satisfaction of their needs. Occasionally, that clashes with "the greater good". Which does not necessarily mean that it can't happen. But it may end up being not easy to find it satisfying if the eventual destination is not "real".


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