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I think I understand
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Any musicians with recording anxiety?

This is an annoying problem... and I don't know if there is any solution really. I'm a producer/composer/musician... what every you want to call an eclectic electronic musician. And I'd love to be able to record in parts in real time... but I just can't. I can come up with interesting riffs/melodies/chords just playing around, but the moment I hit record and the metronome clicks in I just lose it... I guess I could go in and edit the midi notes but that's a hassle. And part of the reason for playing in notes is to get a real feel to it...

I often just program in notes, because I feel more comfortable doing that. I tend to tweak the notes subtly to get a real feel to it... but this is time consuming. And sometimes you come up with different things programing vs playing...

I guess this is related to stage freight... but I actually don't have a problem with that. If I'm well practiced I can overcome my nervousness and get into the moment. But switching that on and off in a recording situation, just doesn't work.

It's analogous to what happens to me in conversations vs a well prepared performance speech. I did a bit of stand-up comedy before and some presentation in school, and these go very well. I can work through the most engaging way to present the words... but in regular conversations it's just word fumbles and bad analogies...

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I know how you feel. I make progressive rock and play all the instruments myself. In some recordings that I will probably never release my anxiety is noticeable, to me at least. It was a lot worse when I used to smoke weed. Sometimes it worked really well, other times my anxiety got the better of me.

Now days I more or less just record every practice take, one after the other, eventually it gets so tight it's like "yep, that will do".

I don't have an answer for you sadly. I guess now I do some deep breathing, relax, don't overthink it and remember it's only one take, I can do as many takes as I want. Normally the first or second take is the best and most natural, after that it's more forced and not as nice to listen to.

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