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Any advice welcome

Hello everyone,

Sorry to clog up this feed with my woes but I really need some impartial advice, if anyone can help! I recently joined a performance training programme at my uni gym, after being encouraged to do so, but am WAY too nervous to go to a session - I am not very in shape and have literally never lifted a weight in my life. I don't have anyone to go with either, and I am so concerned of looking like a fool in front of a load of hench rugby lads. Do any gym goers have any advice on what to do?? I'd love to be more in shape but I cannot face this sort of training!

Thank you in advance.

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I know exactly how you feel. I trained for a fitness competition when I was going through a crazy moment. The only way I could train in the gym was through a personal trainer. I paid my trainer 6 days a week over 3 months so I wouldn't have to face the fear of training alone. I have been to the gym by myself since then, and it's not as rough as you think it will be. People are a lot more encouraging than we give them credit for, and gym folk are always happy to show off their knowledge by throwing some your way. The person who encouraged you, can they come along with you or put you in touch with another member? I found that having a buddy to work out with is the next best thing to having a trainer.
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I'd second the idea of having a trainer for the first few months as well. Learn your form, create a routine, and get past the initial barrier of being out of shape and the inevitable delayed onset muscle soreness that might dissuade you from continuing. After that you are set to do your own thing. Wear headphones while you workout and people won't bother trying to talk to you which is great and you can ignore them too. Listening to music while you workout can increase your strength and stamina depending on the type of music you listen to. I mean if you can find a friend to workout with and spot you great but its not really necessary unless you are benchpressing without any safety bars(you can always dump the weights off to one side in an emergency though but that makes a big mess to reset it all.

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