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Gerald Tucker
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Which is the best anxiety technique?

I have gone through different anxiety techniques. And this post was informative and I'm thankful for it. Please share your views.
Thank you.
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Social Anxiety Song!!

Hey Everyone, my name is Naz Amari and I am a 20 year old musician who has battled with social anxiety all my life. This phobia can be accompanied by loneliness, lack of confidence and depression. I know this firsthand because I am living it. I wrote a song called "Come Outside" that is available on all streaming services as well as YouTube, that represents this battle. People have DM'd me on my instagram @NazAmari_ to tell me how much they relate to and love this song. Please check it out!
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Almost empty
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From the book "Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks by Barry McDonagh"... ALLOW IT.

Telling yourself "allow it" basically commands your body/mind to allow the anxiety/panic to happen, which puts you back in the control seat. Surprisingly it worked & still does. It doesn't fix my condition but it really takes the edge off.

"Let everything happen to you. Beauty & terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final" ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
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how to Sleep on your facet the right way

Thank you all for your kindness to me, I wish you good health and good luck!
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This isn't really about social anxiety specifically, but it's how I try to approach all of my problems in general (and I have many).

Whenever bad stuff happens (which is all the time), or my anxiety is through the roof (which it always is), or I generally feel like everything is hopeless (which goes without saying), I try to remind myself: "This is quite the adventure! What an interesting experience I'm having!" Ime, this single thought is more effective than CBT, ACT, CFT, and a bunch of other therapies I've never even tried.

When the zombie hordes created by improbable interactions between Covid-19 and global warming [insert vague allusions to chaos/catastrophe theory] finally come banging on my door, moaning for human flesh, I'll be sure to remind myself "What an amazing adventure I'm having!" And then something equally improbable will happen and I won't die (yet again).

Beauty isn't everything. It's the only thing.
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Stoicism / ACT / CFT
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I go with acceptance, and welcoming it like an old, slightly ****y friend lol.

It tends to allow it to fade, when it fades. It doesn't get rid of it, its still unpleasant as ****, but the struggle doesn't prolong things, and I tend to actually do the thing I would otherwise avoid if I try to get rid of it. I just kinda accept this is going to be uncomfortable for a while.

Compassion focused therapy audio, guided meditations:
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