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Anxiety, some tips

So, I actually have generalized anxiety and all that kind of stuff hope it's not a problem I am posting here.

I already made thread before.

I have serve anxiety, I know about all the symptoms, everything that is going through my head whatever but even with all this I am still having an issue.

I keep asking myself "WHAT IF?"
Like I feel I face heart palpitations, absolutely normal but I still kind of having this fear but "what if it's not anxiety" but it's a something more dangerous, I even tested my heart and everything was fine but I still keep asking myself "what if" and it's really frustrating. <- It's also many other things, but mostly I just have fear of dying, that I'll die alone that I am passing out so I have to stand up go for a walk a bit.

I am also having this once I try to fall a sleep, I keep waking up because I feel like I don't breath, so I have to change position, drink water and try to fall a sleep again, because of that I sometimes get into sleep paralysis for 5-30 seconds like every second night.

Do you guys have any advice?

Deep breaths sometimes help, sometimes I feel like it makes it much worse.

Same happens to exercising, but not always. (If I exercise much, running etc, I just feel so tired, heart beating, out of breath) I just get panic attack like I am about to faint and die.

Thank you!!
Also sorry if any mistakes occurs, my native language is not English.
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