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Anxiety from feeling like I'm intruding in a group of friends (advice needed)

I am currently a college student and I've found myself sitting at a table with a group of people that I don't really know that well that are pretty talkative. That's fine but I've started feeling anxious and really awkward because I feel as if I'm intruding on their group. Intially I sat in that spot and they moved to the seats around me. Since then I've found it hard to engage with their conversations but I have tried a couple times. They tend to talk about personal things rather than broad topics like their significant others and mutual friends they hang out with so I feel pretty out of the loop.

My social skills are pretty lacking so it's probably my fault I'm having a hard time conversing with them but I feel incredibly awkward when they're showing each other stuff on their laptops and I'm just this quiet person at their table. So I wanted advice on if I should just move tables or if that would be rude after sitting there for five classes already. It's been giving me quite a bit of anxiety and I tend to be a quiet person so I'm thinking it might be best to just move for my own sake. I dont want to draw attention to it if I do move seats especially because it makes me worry I'm breaking a social rule.

If anyone has any advice about this situation that be very helpful! I think I'm way over worrying about it but I can't really help it.
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Are these your friends, or are they just happen to be people you consistently sit around with? Maybe try engaging into conversations with them nonetheless. If you're still feeling uncomfortable, awkward or feel like they are not socially engaging you, then you can maybe not sit with them the next time around.

But then, this is going to be the same routine with every group you decide to meet and befriend, you have to start some at this situation. Unless you decide to meet people where everyone doesn't know each other and you form the group this way. But in reality, this is uncommon unless you decide to join some sort of club where everyone is new to each other.

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