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Anyone else here self medicate? I know I shouldnt do it and it isnt healthy but it just happens I guess. I have this group of friends I used to hang out with and they always said how fun I was when i drink. I feel like im boring and I bring nothing to the table unless I drink. I dont attend a lot of social events but when I do the first thing I do is get a drink and down it as fast as I can to ease the anxiety and open up and talk.
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Yeah, I do the same. But you don't want to go overboard, otherwise you'll become a trainwreck. I would probably have a bit of a harder time attempting to socialize properly if I didn't have any alcohol at all for an extended period of time.

If you get too drunk, you either get so tired that you nod off or you **** up your speech enough that you're more likely to get judged in an undesirable way.

Funny enough, I've had those specific instances happen to me blatantly, and I'll wind up trying to redeem myself/explain myself to the other person, only to make things even worse.
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I do. I dont think I have a huge problem with alcohol but I will definitely have a couple when Im feeling unhappy or stressed. And it does the trick to perk me up. I do become a lot more social and uninhibited when I drink...but I dont have any social events to go to usually anyway...
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Unless I'm drinking a lot, alcohol really doesn't seem to help me all that much. It just slows me down. Lately I've been going out to bars and not drinking at all, which hasn't been easy. But, it does feel great when I'm able to actually bounce around the bar and talk to a bunch of random girls while sober. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen very often.
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I drink alcohol, but not as self-medication. My own self-medication is gaming.
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Yeah, I tend to drink whenever I hang out with a group of people to ease my nerves and make me open up more. I usually drink once or twice a week with my boyfriend, especially if we've had a hard day at work. I really want to cut back on the amount I've been drinking though since it's so unhealthy and it's probably making me gain weight.
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Alcohol can be used as a great medicine for SA. It's not a feasible long-term solution, however.

I've figured out my sweet spot is 2.0 ounces of pure alcohol (3 to 4 beers). 1.0 ounces isn't really enough for euphoria or loosening the tongue. 3.0 ounces isn't that much greater of a euphoria or tongue loosener than 2.0. 4.0 ounces of alcohol and I start getting too goofy and may throw up. 5.0 ounces of alcohol and I WILL throw up. I'm lucky, I can hide my drunkenness well. I can walk darn straight on up to 3.0 ounces and my speech really doesn't begin slurring until 4.0 ounces. I drink about twice a week and have only been called out on it during the few times I messed up and drank too much (won't happen again now that I know my limits and can control myself). 6.0 ounces is blackout land for me.

If you can find your sweet spot and drink responsibly, alcohol is a great short-term help. Gets me through weddings, funerals, and the other occasional social outings.
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I stopped drinking after a 48hr monoploka vodka hangover. Will start drinking a beer or two on weekends but that's as far I will go again.
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I used to drink like u guys say above, but lately i dind't had much social events to attend, and if I start drinking again, my gym and diet go to waste.

My swett spot was at 4 beers too, more than that had no effect whatsoever. But the sa free time lasted like 1-2 hours, then started to fade off, so I had to drink more.

There were times when my cousin was in college and had friends invited at his place every day (more like night actually) and we used to drink like 4 liters of beer each aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, good times, no sa, i was so social and felt no anxiety to relate to anyone, at least for the time being drunk

TIP: black beer can lower the sweet spot to about 2 beers, and sitting down makes alcohol effect last longer

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I find that when I drink I am the most social person in the world, I make tons of friends. I feel comfortable.
I am told how "fun" I am when I drink. It is sad, I wish I could be that person all the time.
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