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☁️ A dream about group classwork! ☁️

I've been out of school for 5 years now but I still get dreams with a school setting!

In one dream, there was a huge classroom with clusters of desks. No rows and columns - just desks grouped together in fours or even tens!

The teacher told everyone to find a desk and to choose wisely since it may be permanent.

I found a seat next to someone I knew but then the teacher said he might force everyone to pick a new spot each time!

Maybe I ate too much protein before bed?

I'm a teleworker from home and NOTHING requires group work of any kind - it is a solo job. There may be some coordination of assignments if someone has to reassign their work due to a failing computer or scheduled absence but none of the collaboration you'd expect with social jobs.

Topic: What has been your experience with group work?

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Maybe mine is slightly different, but it's a common recurring dream I have of unpreparedness and letting myself or others down. These dreams keep on happening periodically:

* In group project activities, I did jack nothing toward the end of the project, and everyone was relying on my part or else the entire group fails. [Side note in real life, I started out strong in a college team project but then faded over time, and a couple of my project partners called me out and I took it to heart even until now as a someone they considered to be a failure component of their team. They really gave me the scolding of a lifetime beyond nightmares.]

* I didn't do any homework for the entire semester and went to to final exam passing only if I ace the exam.
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I get these kind of dreams too! I always have this recurring dream that its like halfway though the semester and somehow there was this class I forgot I was taking and now I'm way behind and there is all this work I have to make up and I have to beg the prof to let me take the exams that I've missed. It's so weird. I'm always in a panic in this dream and trying to figure out how the hell I forgot I had this class.

I also have another one where somehow my college determines that it made a mistake in admitting me because I was missing some class credits in HS and as a result they rescind my degree which then causes my company to fire me lol. I then have to go back to HS and take classes there so that my college will reinstate my degree and I can get my job back. In the dream I'm in my actual HS taking classes again haha. I have this one all the time too for some reason.

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I had a dream once where I had to go back to kindergarten. As an adult. I couldn't even fit into the little chairs xD
(This was during a time in my life when I was six years into my so-called four-year college degree, so I guess my subconscious brain was feeling like I was going to be in school forever or something lol)
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I only get the nightmares where I'm flunking out and doomed for life and have to take the final without knowing the subject. I'm glad I don't get group classwork nightmares.

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