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a cynical normie nation


I saw the original video of this last night on youtube,

@ 1.20

it came up in my feed around the time of it's broadcast. after I watched it I thought this is bound to go viral, because of how awkward the reaction is. I didn't bother to check last night, but today I googled and found out that the first reaction from everyone else is that the woman is up to no good! the country had apparently decided that her behaviour on the video indicated that she was guilty of something. this actually really bothers me, my first thought was that this woman was anxious and uncomfortable being on national television, just didn't want to be filmed without her permission. I didn't think there was an ulterior motive for why she was uncomfortable. it actually reminded me a bit of the character moss from IT crowd, and I was thinking socially awkward person.

tbh I would not be happy either if I was doing my shopping and I walk out and there is a live tv crew right in front of me, I would probably turn around and walk in the other direction. and I would probably be a bit annoyed if I found out I had been filmed and broadcast to the nation without anyone informing me, so I sort of empathised a bit with her reaction. what does my head in is how a lot of people have now decided that her reaction means she is guilty. there are times when I think I am being a bit too cynical but then there are times when I am reminded that the whole country can be even more cynical than me, and this is another reminder that I am clearly judged badly by normies for having mental health issues. if peoples first thought is that she is guilty when she acts awkward what hope do I have!? being that I already fit the profile description of a criminal (6ft+ over 200lbs, and a shaved head) I look like someone who is on crimewatch, so I don't have a cats chance in hell.

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Honestly didn't even notice anyone who was supposed to be weird lol. I was focused on the topic of the video, had to go to the article to see what other people noticed.

Also from the article 'The Tik Tok user'

Nope lol.

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